Friday, September 10, 2010


I am reading over my left handed journal entry, 2 pages long, listing people who reached out to me when I was inhibited by my injury. Just in case the angels in heaven didn't record it in the book of life, all my selfless friends/ family out there should know that I DID :)

Chauffers, chefs, hair stylists, maids... no wonder Caroline says I was lucky I broke my arm. I have heard of more than one person say they used to wish it would happen to them when they were young.

Now that I can type again- and do most other things, I look back and say that it really was neat to feel increased love/ support from so many people and to see the capabilities of my chilren necessarily increase. My family all took on new roles...

Caroline the cook- She made mac and cheese, popcorn, etc. She also wiped the table and swept the floor. She can now even spread butter on toast and slice her own cheese.

Desi- Diaper Duty- Who ever thought that a 5 year old could change messy pants?!? She was so willing. More than once she undressed Nathan, bathed him including washing hair, got him out, dressed him in an outfit they chose together, and even combed his hair. No wonder he is going through withdrawls now that she is gone to school every morn.

Will- Mr. Whatever I Need- Often opening cans, bottles, sippie cups, and any other screwed on lid was his role. Using the hand held can opener was a good new skill for him. He also took out the trash and emptied the dishwasher multiple times.

My Hubbie- Home Health and Hairdresser- I thought it was so funny that several times people who hadn't seen me for a week or so would look right past my cast and say "You cut your hair!" I am sure that John would have continued washing and "styling" my hair for me in a nice, plain pony tail had I not decided it had to go! I do think he is better at cutting Will's hair now than I am, and he does the majority of his own cutting with me just touching up the sides. One word that has always described John very well is CAPABLE. After he basically served as my home health nurse for the first bit, I would have to add a few more fitting adjectives: compassionate and caring.

To all of you out there who lent a hand (when I really didn't have one) a big T. Y.!