Wednesday, June 13, 2007


SURPRISE!!! I am posting!
Wow, this blogging world is FAST PACED. I say that because the moment I entered it I had another pal of mine recruiting for her blog sponsor (Facebook). So I will redirect you to that spot- I don't know if it will be as easy to stay linked up being on 2 different blogging teams but we will see what happens. I guess I won't dissolve this one quite yet. Really since I don't know how, but man it took me forever to get back into my own page because I wrote down the password (I knew that was a good idea) but I couldn't seem to pair it with the right USERNAME. I thought I had chosen jewel, but it wasn't working. Things like this drive me crazy and make me want to give up on technology. I am still resolved to try this thing though. I have been formulating my list of 100 so we'll see if I can copy it onto both blogs. Do any of you out there have 2 blogs? What do you do when you have people you want to keep in tough with that use different hosts?