Sunday, August 7, 2016


I betcha a speech and language pathologist would have a name for what I have noticed happening with Wesley's language development this past phase.  It is fascinating and hilarious.
He remembers just the vowel sound chunk of a certain word, and crosses it with another. Here are examples:

He has been interested in blowing on the white wishing flower/ weeds in the grass. (dandelions). He told me one day he wanted to find a "Napolean Dynamite" flower to blow. These words have the "lion/leon" sound in common.

We have a spin off version of the classic game, "Trouble" where the dice dances around under a clear plastic bubble. Instead of asking to play "Pop-O-Matic Trouble", Wesley pointed to the game and requested "Puff the Magic Dragon."  Same number of syllables, and the "Ma-ic" sounds match.

He was mixing up the names for wheel barrow, and parachute. I can't remember which he was calling which.

And the hilarious one came when he was talking about some dear friends of ours, the NEBEKER family. He wanted to go visit them, and especially their youngest, Jace. He told me he likes to play bay blades with "JACE HAMBURGER."

He says it all with a straight face, cuz he's not trying to be funny or clever.  I get such a kick out of it.

Good thing Moms are usually pretty good at deciphering toddler-eze.