Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hersheys and Hallmark

A friend told me this week that she thinks H. & H. are the connivers behind this Feb. 14th holiday. While this outlook is not invalid or unsupported by over-the top marketing, I like to think of Valentines Day as something more- a warm burst of love to help us all get through the February chill. A relationship re-charge. A reason to fancy up.

We got fancy and added some major color to this lovely season by making heart shaped rainbow crayons for the girls' classmates. The process is described on http://www.chicaandjo.com/.

And the finished product...

The only thing I would add to their tips (since I am sure you will all run and try this) would be to hold the cans with rags that you plan on throwing away. Melted crayon is a bugger of a stain. And speaking of melting- I have one last response to the afformentioned "Hersheys and Hallmark" complaint...
If the snow's still not melting completely off the playgrounds and parkways, at least the chocolate is melting in my mouth, even as we "speak". Thanks to Hersheys, Hallmark, and my sweet sweet Valentine!