Thursday, January 21, 2016

A Dance

I ran across this poem in the newspaper and clipped it out years ago to hang in my kitchen. I am ready to throw away the clipping, because I am "tidying", but don't want to lose the words.
They were written by a 10th grader who must have a wonderful Mom. She won a poetry contest at Karl G. Maeser Prep. Academy in Lindon. I would estimate it was around 5 years ago. (Yes, it has been that long since I REALLY went through this certain paper pile.)  Enjoy.

A Dance
by Heidi Hoskins

Mother takes out a cookbook and becomes a dancer-
The tile floor her glittering stage
The kitchen her auditorium
Her apron a glorious dancing gown.

She dances, Her music
The subtle plopping of ingredients in an orchestra,
The pop rock of oil
The lolling of water
The undertone of the kitchen timer
The sounds of heaven.

She opens the oven
Smells wafting, escaping,
Appealing to every sense.
Her gown streams along with her,
Like slowly poured milk.
Her grace is like butter in a pan.

Slipping sliding, beautiful
The kitchen seems to flow in unison with her
Following her unspoken plea of obedience
All together
The dance over-
The taste of applause is on your tongue

Makes me want to look through this dusty pile of "Light and Tasty" magazines that have been sitting in my cupboard for those same 5 years!