Friday, September 28, 2012

C'Come on Swing It

Even with all the attractions around here in the heart of northern Utah County, one of the favorite past times this summer was a good ol' fashioned ROPE SWING!

Free of charge and a five minute walk away.

 As the summer progressed, the tricks got trickier. William and Caroline both hung upside down, and learned to hoist themselves up to standing position on top of the stick. My camera didn't make it to all our visits. (I had to carry my camp chair and saltines). Nathan too eventually hung and swung, which I don't yet have on camera- but I'm proud of him for how comfortable he's become around WATER!
At Classic Fun Center in July.  Ah, to feel this exuberance about the every day!

Summer of all Summers

A screamin' deal on the "Pass of All Passes" , plus birthdays and other activities/ celebrations kept our summer action packed! (Not pictured: Plenty of lawn mowing, weed pulling, and house cleaning to make the fun times that much more appreciated :)

 Caroline, the lefty in position. She and Will both played in (HOT) state tournaments this summer.
 Nate's 4 yr old "Bob the Builder" Party!
 Pedicures for Desi's bday in July.  Caroline was in Price with Gma L.
 And a trip to Classic Fun Center, her outing choice.
 Arrow of Light. Moving out of Cubs !  :(
 LAGOON! What fun is ! (for kids, that is)
 A major accomplishment for our whole family (including the baby in Mommy's tummy), total of 8 miles hiked in the Uintahs with all our gear on our backs.
 Tracy Aviary/ Liberty Park.
 "The Little Mermaid"  with our on-stage star, Jetsom the eel.
Other plays we have attended this season include: Wizard of Oz, Fiddler on the Roof, Arsnic and Old Lace, & Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. John used the theatre as his "not enough days off for Lake Powell this year" therapy.
Chuck E. Cheese, William's B-day outing.  Our kids really get into ski ball, just like I did when I was little (still do).
Nathan loved boating & was more brave than ever this year.
We sure have gotten used to the "go, go, go."  A four year gap between Nathan and this next little one  made us momentarily oh so mobile! 

Spring Sundays 2012

                                                 General Conference and Easter ,
                                                      and spiffed-up kids,
                                          make Spring Sundays SO beautiful!!