Thursday, December 20, 2007

uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco,SEIS

A ver- la que esta a la derecha no tiene nombre...todavia!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Friday, December 7, 2007

Love of my life and my forever

I am in a TOTALLY romantic mood today due to the famous Stephanie Meyer. I have just finished "New Moon." I will comment on the whole series once it is complete. Until then, DON'T SPOIL ANYTHING FOR ME.

First, I want to refer all back to the item on my list of 100 stating that I know I married the right person. Now, I will share with you some poetry that I have written for him in the past few years.

“Work on You and Me”
A SONG for JAW by JML Whitehead 6/06

Well they say in the year two thousand and six
That old eight to five simply don’t exist.
You work a fifty hour week, just to be able
To keep gas in the car and food on the table.

WORK! To get the basement finished.
WORK! The yard is edged and mowed.
WORK! There aint no time for sittin’
Cause you know you’ll only reap what you sow.

WORK! Can give you satisfaction
When you think about how you’re buildin’ your dreams
But now the sun has set. The day is done,
So baby sit right down and let’s work on you and me.

Oh I appreciate your capabilities,
Your undying motivation and your energy.
I know you believe that love is a verb,
And your actions speak just as loud as words.

WORK! To get the basement finished.
WORK! The yard is edged and mowed.
WORK! There aint no time for sittin’
Cause you know you’ll only reap what you sow.

WORK! Can give you satisfaction
When you think about how you’re buildin’ your dreams
But now the sun has set. The day is done,
So baby sit right down and let’s work on you and me.

Countless projects to be done
Life’s material things keep us on the run
But the most important task there could ever be
Is you and me workin’ together, to raise our little family…

WORK! To get the basement finished.
WORK! The yard is edged and mowed.
WORK! There aint no time for sittin’
Cause you know you’ll only reap what you sow.

WORK! Can give you satisfaction
When you think about how you’re buildin’ your dreams
But now the sun has set. The day is done,
So baby sit right down and let’s work on you and me.
Sit down right here, baby, and let’s work, work on you and me.


Written for my love, John Alden Whitehead By his love Julia Marie, April ’07

You’re constant.
I waver.
You remain

The tears that
I drain.

With reason
And courage
I lack.

Your vision
Is gleaming.
No black.

A river
That quenches
And soothes

My comfort
And promise
Is you.

I long to
Be steady
All wise

I relish
The steadiness
Found in
Your eyes

Our lives are
They change

Though times
Overwhelm me
My heart will

My feelings
Are true.

Is my love
For you.

Monday, November 19, 2007

"Build her a shelf"

On the 4th of Nov. my cousin , Lucy, tied the knot with a nice young man. It was a happy occasion. All who were in attendance agreed that she looked beautiful. We also got to hear some wise words from my father, the Bishop who performed the marriage.

"Your job is to keep your spouse happy, and make his/ her life easier," he told them both. Then to Matt he suggested that he buy his wife flowers on occasion. "Or better yet," he added, "Build her a shelf."

There were some chuckles from the audience, but surely none of them could have known how far this act has gotten my Dad over the years. My mom is a shelf lover. Her coworkers have often commented on how organized she always is. There is a place for everything. In their home the basement is unfinished, but boy is it used! One room is completely FULL of shelves. They are deep, tall shelves on each wall holding games, keepsakes, pots and pans, etc. And throughout the basement are many more midsize shelves holding books, food, hygiene items, and boxes. There is a certain shelf just for empty boxes! She also has TWO sheds, two mini walk-in closets, a staircase lined with bookshelves, and a special shelf for each child who no longer lives in the home. Most all of these, and more, have been built, moved, painted, (or all of the above) one by one by her eager to please husband.

My favorite shelf in the home of my parents is surely the tall, white bookshelf in the "home teaching room." My suspicion is that it was constructed by my Grandfather, Johnny Lloyd (for his smiling, begging wife). It was the shelf from which I pulled "Danny the Dinosaur," "Crock Pot Cooking" and "The Miracle of Forgiveness." It is the shelf I picture when I hear President Hinckley's reccommendation that each home should be equipped with a "library of learning."

That phrase has stayed with me and been my excuse for hoarding many a childrens book. Right now some of them are in boxes due to years of shelf stripping toddlers in the house, but the won't be boxed up for long... I HAVE SHELVES!!

Now, these are not the first set of shelves my strong and capable hubbie has built for our home. When we moved in, he had the garage and storage room completely shelf ready before the week was over. I was very pregnant and got tired just watching him. But his own parents taught him the value of a good shelf. (You ought to see their gospel library- situated on some attractive bookshelves finished by John within the past few years) That Spring I even auctioned his shelf building skills off at our Relief Society Service Auction. I think they were the HOTTEST item amongst those women. Additoinal food storage shelves soon followed in our home, as well as some in the laundry room.

But the shelves you see pictured here are surely the trump of all prior shelf building projects here at the Whitehead home. (To be honest, I told John I thought that there might be too many! ) He told me that I was past my deadline and there would definately be a lofty fee accompaning a change order like ripping out and entire bookshelf).

The kids and I are VERY excited about filling up the shelves. Not quite as excited about painting them- well, maybe the kids would be excited about painting them but I doubt they will be allowed to "help" much! Will even asked if people were going to come and check out books from our library.

So my husband does know how to help make a woman happy (and the whole family for that matter) "Build them a shelf."

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Childhood Energy

Here is what our children have been up to so far this October.

The theme for Reflections this year is "I Can Make A difference by..." Will's answer was "picking up litter, so he made his project out of garbage!! In his right hand is part of the original project, which little sister Desiree took scissors to. In his other hand is the ressurrected finished product.
Little Sister Desi does it again...She's TWO, by the way. This past Sunday it was Mom's make-up that she got into. We love you Desi :)
Let it snow!! That is what Caroline was singing this morning when she looked out the window. She dressed HERSELF in boots and gloves and went outside. Dad told her the snow was too hard to pack, but she didn't give up. She actually spent about an hour making her own snowman!! When we got home from church, it was wrecked, so Mom braved the cold (it feels cold now, just wait huh) and helped her build "Snowy" back up again.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

poems for my little ones

for William, age 4
by Julia M. L. Whitehead

Chocolate soy milk fourty six seconds warm,
Dressing yourself with such pride every morn.

Dumping the legos, then putting them back,
Asking my help to come build a new track.

Seeing commercials on “regular T.V.,”
Begging for happy meal toys that you see.

Your Spiderman lunchbox has saltines inside,
The “big blue bike’s” training wheels speed up your ride.

Your silky blonde hair shines in the sun
As you swing “not too high” and climb slides for fun.

Cucumbers, raisins with P.B. & J.
“Books on the couch” after lunch every day.

Quiet time comes and there’s so much to do,
Coloring, play dough, computer games too.

Eskimo kisses, no soap in the eyes.
Put jammies on and hope to stay dry.

We read “scripture power” and say a small prayer,
Then “Tom & Jerry”, “Dora”, or “Berenstein Bears”.

Tucked in with your train blanket, or Dad’s favorite one,
We’re both feeling sleepy when our big day is done.

I’m relieved to be sitting in silence, alone.
But I’ll miss every detail when tomorrow you’re grown.

A poem for Desiree at 10 months
May 2006

It brightens,
It warms,
It soothes my tension.

It’s laughter,
It’s growth,
It signals pure fun.

In morning
It’s fresh.
In evenings “all done.”

I treasure,
I bask,
You’re my shining sun.

A poem for my Caroline
May 2006

SPLASH! You’ve jumped in!
It’s your turn for living.
No rock, hill, or island
Will stand in your way.

SPLASH! You got us!
Too cute for resisting.
We’ve jumped on your boat
And we’re ready to play.

SPLASH! You sprinkle
A spicy strong flavor
Many a chef
Would pay trillions to get.

SPLASH! I’m soaking.
You made me remember
Life is before us
So let’s go get wet!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Top 2 Spring/Summer Shots of '07

These are photos that I've thought, "I ought to do something really creative with these"- nice framing or special scrapbooking or something. So for now, the answer is.. share them on my blog!

The first is us 2 lovebirds in Puerto Vallarta enjoying the sunset. We had just purchased our hats. Besides the romantic feeling I get when I look at this picture, there is another memory which makes me smile as well. Moments after the hat bartering was complete, a street salesman gave us the most creative pitch we heard all week..." He, ju wan som Mexican jonk? Mexican jonk, olmos free!" Many smiles were had that evening. John calls this picture "June roses" (refer to quote by James Barrie, the Scottish poet) Memorias dulces por seguro.

This next shot needs no commentary other than that it fully demonstrates the truthfulness of the theme park's motto.."WHAT FUN IS!"

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

poems about home making (written '04-'05)

Speaking of Motherhood
by Julia M.L. Whitehead- Feb. 2004

Voices in the morning
Freshly welcome day
Calling “Guys, where are you?”
“What game should we play?”

I’m rested and I’m ready,
My little ones to guide
Motherhood’s a sacred role
That I embrace with pride.

Exercise and breakfast done
But still a house to clean;
Turn on a movie, sweep and scrub,
Change diapers in between.

Caroline won’t fall asleep;
Been trying for an hour.
Will’s had seven accidents;
And I still haven’t showered.

Before I know it noon is here
And Dad is home to eat.
The crying and the mess tell him
These kids have got me beat.

Our voices not so fresh by now;
“Clean it up!” says me.
“I need a nap,” is Will’s reply.
I hastily agree.

His binkie and his blanket close
I kiss his smooth forehead;
Still proud to be a mother
But I want my kids in bed!

Retiring to the couch to nurse
A calmness fills the air.
I close my eyes and in my mind
Another voice is there.

Be patient as you mold these souls
And never cease to see;
Your children are a tender gift
Sent to you by me.

by Julia M.L. Whitehead
May 8, 2005

Unflushed toilets, snotty noses, finger printed door.
Rice and crumbled honey smacks upon my tile floor.

Pockets full of sandbox sand, pants with dirty stains.
Playroom filled with happy meal toys and pieces of the train.

Bleach, windex and rags in hand, I scrub & sweep & mop.
It seems the mess begins again before I’ve even stopped!

I heave a load of laundry out and start another one.
And wonder why I’m doing work that soon will be UNdone.

Then William says, “It’s laundry time and I’m in charge of bibs!”
I realize that my work will last in the character of my kids.

John compliments my vacuumed floors and devours some homemade treats.
I don’t mind that “order” in our home is largely up to me.

Monday, July 30, 2007

100 things about me

Writing this list was a challenge given by Nanci. Here I go...
1. I am easy to get along with. I have always been a peace maker.
2. I would rather support than lead in most cases.
3. I generally think things over for a long time before making decisions.
4. I entitled my previous blog "balancing act" because that's what I feel my life is.
5. I know I married the right person.
6. I am proud of our children.
7. I am a Jazz fan.
8. I write poetry from time to time. (Expect to see some here on my page!!)
9. I love long hot showers.1
0. I am an emotional eater. I try to keep it in check.
11. I write EVERYTHING down. I rely on "the pen."
12. I still smile and sing along to New Kids on the Block. John recently put their first album on my mp3 player to take running.
13. I can tear it up on the dance floor although I don't go enough any more.
14. I have DIAL-UP internet connection. This doesn't help blogging or anything else online go too smooth and quick.
15. I can sing along with lots of Motown music. I like it!
16. I LOVE cereal- all kinds. (Esp. wheat chex)
17. I have 7 or 8 years of clogging experience. Someday I want to learn to riverdance!
18. I read to my kids every day.
19. The library is one of my favorite places. Maybe I will work there someday (as the storytime lady :)
20. I water ski. I can get up on one, but don't enjoy it as much as 2.
21. I eat toast and chocolate milk in a weird, cerimonious way.
22. I love aerobics, esp. step, turbojam or any kickboxing, or boot camp style
23. I was big into spirit week all through school- should have been pep club pres.
24. I am a "wanna be" FLY LADY.
25. I don't do much yard work except deadheading flowers or mowing when John is busy.
26. I have a husband who gardens, and I support and help (mostly picking and canning)
27. My style of board games...those involving TALKING (Tabu, MadGAb, Catch Phrase)
28, I don't have as much fun with Monopoly or Chess or even complicated card games.
29. I like salsa with my eggs. When I was young it was just ketchup.
30. I LOVE early morning walks/ jogs/ bike rides when I'm well rested.
31. I am not too into shopping.
32. I AM into hand-me-downs.
33. I DO hit grocery sales. (Grocery shopping I of course DO)
34. Pet peeve- when my kids move my rug by the kitchen sink so they can scoot a chair up to the microwave.
35. Pet peeve- people leaving cds, movies, tapes out, or putting them in the wrong case because that it what is available
36. pet peeve- (I'm on a roll now) When someone uses my "table/counter" cloth to wipe a face or the floor and then doesn't put it straight in the laundry room.
37. I don't drive fast. I am driving more and more like my mother.
38. I don't have caller ID or call waiting. I don't really want either.
39. I can still do a back flip on a trapmoline! (have done it after each baby, just to make sure)
40. My theme song could be "I'm An Emotional Girl!"
41. One of my favorite hymns, "How Gentle God's Commands"
42. My religion is a huge part of my life.
43. Yo hablo Espanol.
44. I don't have my ears pierced. (This is always what I use on "Ten Fingers")
45. I have never had braces.
46. I am an emeritis (sp) member of "State of the Heart"- if you haven't heard of this singing group, I am saddened.
47. I enjoy reading. I am now a member of my 3rd book club. (one at a time, over the years)
48. I like to wear blue.
49. My wedding colors were dusty blue, pink, and green.
50. I have one blue wall and one slightly green wall in my home.Other than that it's "botany beige."
51. I love the movie "Willy Wonka" (THE OLD ONE)
52. I'm not into pets. I have had a guinea pig, a baby duck and fish that have been ok.
53. I have been on 2 cruises!! Lucky me! (I mean it)
54. I like seafood now. Whether my dad believes me or not.
55. I had low iron last time I tried to give blood.
56. I have pretty easy pregnancies, compared to other poor people who go through so much!
57. One of my most prized and used possessions is my double stroller. I think I have used it 95 percent of the days I have owned it.
58. My other possession I love is the California King size bed. I appreciate sleep more and more as I get older.
59. I am a public park junkie. My kids and I park hop for fun.
60. I can sew.
61. I wish I played the piano MUCH better than I do.
62. Watching American Idol is SO FUN for me. I miss it!
63. I don't really watch any other shows.
64. I just subscribed to the weekend Deseret News. I know my dad is proud.
65. I want to learn more about Family History, and do more.
66. I have loved Relief Society Enrichment ever since the first time I attended back at CEU. I strongly promote it!!
67. I attend a bimonthly playgroup with my kids.
68. I have felt very good about the time I have spend organizing rotating home preschools for my kids the past few years. Here we go again!
69. I LOVE my kids!
70. This list is getting harder than I thought.
71. I make sure my bathroom trash cans are always lined with a grocery sack.
72. I have had a drastic haircut twice in my life. Both times I donated my hair to Locks of Love.
73. If John and I had a million dollars we had to spend we would take a trip to Florida with my whole side of the family (my dad's mission) and take a trip to Sweden with John's side (his dad's mission)
74. I think my kid's PBS show is over so I may not be able to finish this now.
75. Lucked out, Will wants to watch "Maya and Miguel"
76. I love bilingual shows like that and DORA!!!
77. I love my siblings and wish we got together more. I am proud of all of them.
78. I enjoy cooking.
79. I try to eat healthy(brown rice, leafy greens, etc.), but I love desserts too.
80. I could finish this whole thing by listing foods I love.
81. My Mom's family is from Denver so I have been there many times.
82. I worked as a dishwasher at the CEU cafeteria.
83. I also scorekept at basketball camps AND kept stats for actual CEU mens games!!!
84. I have great memories of the SUN center and Lambda Delt.
85. I have a BIG pile of laundry I should be folding right now.
86. I have a son who is good at memorizing things.
87. I have a daughter who loves to get wet! She is swimming now.
88. My second daughter is a cuddler.
89. I am so grateful that I don't have to work outside the home.
90. I am going to the morning movie tomorrow with my kids. "Curious George"
91. I admire the vocal talents of Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, and Mariah Carey.
92. I have been to Celine's concert!
93. I once surprised John by saving my babysitting money to take him to "Simon and Garfunkel"
94. I love the family I married into.
95. I wanted to be a journalist before I decided to major in Elementary Education.
I RESPECT teachers. It is a hard job.
96. Sometimes I have to be reminded to "Be of good cheer."
97. Other people bring me much joy. I believe no man is an island.
98. I try to stay focused on my eternal goals and live in a way that brings me closer to them.
99. I don't want to die with my "music" still in me.
100. I have now gotten something besides housework "done" today!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


SURPRISE!!! I am posting!
Wow, this blogging world is FAST PACED. I say that because the moment I entered it I had another pal of mine recruiting for her blog sponsor (Facebook). So I will redirect you to that spot- I don't know if it will be as easy to stay linked up being on 2 different blogging teams but we will see what happens. I guess I won't dissolve this one quite yet. Really since I don't know how, but man it took me forever to get back into my own page because I wrote down the password (I knew that was a good idea) but I couldn't seem to pair it with the right USERNAME. I thought I had chosen jewel, but it wasn't working. Things like this drive me crazy and make me want to give up on technology. I am still resolved to try this thing though. I have been formulating my list of 100 so we'll see if I can copy it onto both blogs. Do any of you out there have 2 blogs? What do you do when you have people you want to keep in tough with that use different hosts?

Friday, April 27, 2007

Hi everyone,
I guess since Nanci's blog title thing was "dosomethinghard" I thought I'd try it. Actually I designated tonight as my computer catch up night because John is at scout camp and I had several fun emails to read. Right now I am at 2 1/2 hours worth. So I probably ought not spend forever writing my first "post." Besides, who knows if it will even work and who knows when I will figure out how to access it! I guess I have created a blog so for that I am proud. I resist sometimes to these new age trends. I SELDOM go through the self check-out line, for example. And I prefer going up to the TV to control it rather than using a remote.
But each new skill I learn on the computer is surely beneficial in this day and age. Now if we could take the plunge of upgrading from dial up internet connection maybe the music downloads, video watching when people email them to me, etc. would be tolerable. Right now I avoid them. So don't expect any graphics along with my blogs for quite some time.
Now I can go to bed adding this to my list of little accomplishments for the day. I created a blog!