Thursday, April 17, 2008

5 Years of FUN!

Earlier this month (April 1st) was Caroline's 5th Birthday. You can see from the pictures how exciting this was! She has filled our family with life and fun since the day she was born.

The long anticipated trip to CHUCK E. CHEESE! She really wanted to hold her own cup of coins.

Some of Caroline's cutest comments:

May 8, 2005- Last week Mom was using the screwdriver to move my tricycle seat foreword. I was right along side helping her when mom realized we needed a wrench. I walked inside and said "O.K. Ranch in the fridge Mom."

Dec. 21, 2005- (age 2 1/2) "Mom, can I have some ketchup on my hot dogs... then a pause... Can I have some ketchup on my cold dogs? They are not hot."

Jan. 20, 2005- I was holding Dora's dog in the van and told Mom he was wearing a necklace. When Mom told me it was a collar I responded "He doesn't have a phone on his neck silly."

Mom overheard Will and I referring to one of my dollhouse furniture pieces with an amusing name, the "coughing table." So they can use it while they are sick.

Aug. 15, 2006- Will went to play at a friend's house so Cara was spending time with Mom helping clean the bathroom. She was happily humming as she worked. When Mom forgot to give quick acknowledgement to one of Caroline's successfully completed tasks, she said "Thanks for me helping you. I'M A PLEASURE."

Sept 5, 2006- (age 3 1/2)The other morning we were tidying up the house as a family. Dad asked Cara to get her bed made. She said, "We're playing house. Now, let's pretend this is YOUR bed."

Aug. 2007 (age 4)- Seeing our neighbors' home toilet papered (Decorations in their trees) she exclaimed "They think it's Christmas already!"

"Make each day your masterpiece."

-John Wooden

Friday, April 4, 2008

Quiet Down Cobwebs

One evening we were playing a round of Family Feud and the category dealt us was, "Spring _________." We thought of "Spring has Sprung!," "Spring in your step," "Spring Training," "Spring Fling" to name a few. And lingering at the bottom of the list was the beloved term "Spring Cleaning."

Now I don't know how many of you are wall washers out there, but I married into a family of them. They are Picassos at the art of homemaking and I love them for it :) My sister-in-law Sarah did things like wipe out each cabinet and organize closets while she lived with us. And Jessica was actually by my side (of her own free will) a few years ago washing every wall in the house until they sparkled! I did enjoy the fresh feeling upon completion.

Last year I did it again- and I began to formulate an opinion. I hauled in John's muddy work ladder, turned on lots of TV for the kids, and got to work. This was over the course of at least a week. I think I found like 2 cobwebs in HIGH corners and my rags weren't really even all that dirty otherwise. In my husbands economic terms it would be something about low return for high amount of effort. I don't know what Martha says, probably don't want to know, but I know what I say. Spot clean regularly and do a full wall wash...oh I don't know, MAYBE every other.

So this year I will vaccuum behind my beds, dust a few light fixtures, do something about the windows (I'm not promising blinds), and various other needed tasks. But to the walls I say...
Quiet down cobwebs.
Dust go to sleep.
I'm rocking my baby. (sitting mySELF down in the recliner also currently qualifies)
'Cause babies don't keep.

If anyone knows the author of this poem, please help me give them credit. As far as I know it's anonymous.