Friday, July 18, 2008

Idols LIVE!

I WAS THERE! If you've read the papers, you know that we Jazz fans stayed true to our reputation of being LOUD. Several of the singers commented on Utah's beauty (mountains) and on how loud it was in the E-Center. David Archuleta could hardly get a word in because the energetic cheering went on and on. We all just couldn't believe it was really him! All that gifted talentedness wrapped up in such a cute kid singing to you in the same room is pretty energizing. He gave many thanks for all the support, and put all he had into the performance as usual. He was overwhelmingly wiping tears away on his jacket sleeve by the end of the last song.
"Stand By Me" is a classic that he does so well...

For a while during the concert, I focused on trying to snap some good shots of the stars, especially when they came closer to our side of the arena. I had taken a few of Brooke White and others but knew they were far enough away that the quality wouldn't be too awesome. I did get a smiling one of David Archuleta walking toward us.

Later I decided to just hold my camera out and start snapping while look at David Cook directly instead of through a lens so that I could feel the emotion of the moment better. I didn't realize that the camera was still in video mode, so I got a good little clip of him singing with some of the ceiling at the end (oops).

THANKS MOM!!! What a great and unforgettable birthday present!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I need to admit that I have been a little bit of a fruitcake concerning finances lately.
First of all, I let the Wal-Mart photographer convince me to settle for a portrait that I didn't love for my $7.99 package deal. This lead to me dishing out an unmentionable amount for the smallest package they offered (which, come to find out, is NOT as small as it was under the prior company's management). Plus I had to buy a six dollar black and white enhancement.
Justification: Desi looks BEAUTIFUL! And- I can't count how many sessions at Wal-Mart I have walked out of with plenty of great pictures for only 7.99, or less. But this splurge still had its bittersweet impact.

Next, I decided to try and preserve some of my youth after turning 30 by buying a pair of flip flops to replace the crocks that my cool younger siblings have deemed unfashionable. I had my sights set on a certain pair which didn't end up being as comfortable as I would have hoped. But there on the rack at Famous Footwear were hanging some brown "Rocket Dogs." I had never before heard of this brand but I am pretty sure it is hip. I tried them on and they felt SO COMFEY (for flip flops) So I CONSIDERED spending $39.99 for these things. No, I did not buy them- but I SERIOUSLY considered it. This is not like me.

Then yesterday, good old Petersen Produce knocked on my door with their delicious fresh crop of apples, oranges, and grapefruit. It was at a bit of a hectic point in the day as I was on the phone and in the middle of doing several other things. He kept handing me samples and assuming I was going to buy, and I did. FOURTY FOUR dollars for a three month supply. I like to try to eat healthy, and I like to encourage my kids to do the same. And I don't like yucky produce. This is YUMMY produce- which were my reasons for buying. When John got home and inquired about the overload of fugis in the front room, I was sheepishly quoting things to him like, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away, honey!" :) He was really nice about it, and said that he would take fruit for lunch more, but the conversation later that evening did turn to how our economy is shakey right now, and how things are costing so much more... I think he may have been throwing hints for his wife to turn back to her thrifty, financially prudent ways. So as I was FILLING my refrigerator drawer up with fruit and hauling the rest of the box down to cold storage I realized that it may be unrealistic for our family to use it all up before the peak of freshness has passed. I also realized that I think I must have convinced that good ol' salesman to sell me just half a box last year. Thus, if anyone is interested in splitting 10 or 20 dollars worth of this bounteous harvest with me, please call!
P.S. He said that the apples are $1.29 per lb. which is comprable to , or cheaper than supermarket price. I am not sure on the oranges, but overall it averages out to about a dollar per pound of fruit.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

"You Can't Spoil a Newborn"

But can you spoil his mother? I have been so well taken care of for the past 11 days that I am starting to wonder! I would like to say a great big THANK YOU to everyone who has called, visited, brought dinner, given gifts, entertained kids, taken care of R.S. business, etc. etc, etc. I feel and see blessings being poured out upon us through you.

Here is my sweet Mom enjoying her fourth grandbaby. This was inbetween trips to the park, bathroom cleaning, dish washing, and reading stories with the kids.

My mother-in law just left without me being able to snap a photo of her with Nathan:( I guess I could take a shot of the full freezer, the sparkling tile floor, the empty hampers, the non-existent mending pile, the freshly baked banana bread, or the happy kids who are now playing with their Grandma toys. These are some of the ways she has shown us her love and support.

Maybe the best spoiling of all is this super snuggly, sleepy baby boy of mine! :)