Friday, September 28, 2012

C'Come on Swing It

Even with all the attractions around here in the heart of northern Utah County, one of the favorite past times this summer was a good ol' fashioned ROPE SWING!

Free of charge and a five minute walk away.

 As the summer progressed, the tricks got trickier. William and Caroline both hung upside down, and learned to hoist themselves up to standing position on top of the stick. My camera didn't make it to all our visits. (I had to carry my camp chair and saltines). Nathan too eventually hung and swung, which I don't yet have on camera- but I'm proud of him for how comfortable he's become around WATER!
At Classic Fun Center in July.  Ah, to feel this exuberance about the every day!

Summer of all Summers

A screamin' deal on the "Pass of All Passes" , plus birthdays and other activities/ celebrations kept our summer action packed! (Not pictured: Plenty of lawn mowing, weed pulling, and house cleaning to make the fun times that much more appreciated :)

 Caroline, the lefty in position. She and Will both played in (HOT) state tournaments this summer.
 Nate's 4 yr old "Bob the Builder" Party!
 Pedicures for Desi's bday in July.  Caroline was in Price with Gma L.
 And a trip to Classic Fun Center, her outing choice.
 Arrow of Light. Moving out of Cubs !  :(
 LAGOON! What fun is ! (for kids, that is)
 A major accomplishment for our whole family (including the baby in Mommy's tummy), total of 8 miles hiked in the Uintahs with all our gear on our backs.
 Tracy Aviary/ Liberty Park.
 "The Little Mermaid"  with our on-stage star, Jetsom the eel.
Other plays we have attended this season include: Wizard of Oz, Fiddler on the Roof, Arsnic and Old Lace, & Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. John used the theatre as his "not enough days off for Lake Powell this year" therapy.
Chuck E. Cheese, William's B-day outing.  Our kids really get into ski ball, just like I did when I was little (still do).
Nathan loved boating & was more brave than ever this year.
We sure have gotten used to the "go, go, go."  A four year gap between Nathan and this next little one  made us momentarily oh so mobile! 

Spring Sundays 2012

                                                 General Conference and Easter ,
                                                      and spiffed-up kids,
                                          make Spring Sundays SO beautiful!!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Nature's Playground

We had a beautiful camping trip June 1st -2nd in upper Huntington Canyon. My kids found this root to climb on near Mammoth Lake.  Sad and worrisome to know that now some of the surrounding area has recently been burned by wildfire.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Not so sure I'm smarter than a 5th grader.

Playing Scattergories with the Kimi and the kids. Letter: J. Topic: U.S. Cities.  I was proud to announce my answer, Juno (Alaska.)"That's not how you spell it, though Mom." my 10 year old, William, informed me.
"It's JUNEAU."
"Oh.  I think you're right." I conceeded. But it still starts with a J!"
His concluding comment on the subject:  "Jeez Mom, Didn't JUNEAU that????"

My 3 1/2 year old son is keeping me just as entertained. Nathan convinced me to sit down and play Clue with him one recent weekday. As I threw in a load of laundry, finished unloading the dishwasher, and straightened the house to a point where I could handle sitting down for a minute in it, he set out the gameboard.
We chose the cards to be placed in the secret envelope and it was time to roll the dice.
"Ladies First," Nathan politely said to me.
"Thank You Nathan." I replied, then asked, "Where did you learn to say that?"
His answer: "Scooby Doo."

 A few weeks later,we were sitting at a stop sign in the Suburban when a motorcycle gang crossed our path.
"Dad used to have a motorcycle," I told him. "Back when we were younger." This conversation starter peaked Nathan's interest instantly.
"Why does he not have a motorcycle any more?" he asked.
"He sold it to buy me this ring." I held up my left hand for him to see.
After a few moments of thought he let me know how he felt about that.
"You know, you should get your own rings."

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

"A Whole New World..."

We kicked off our CA trip with a Carne Asada burrito at "Taco Fiesta." I told a friend with whom we reunited in San Diego that seeing John's excitement at their reunion, and our entire mission tour made me feel like he may not even need to go to Disneyland!

Here is the Elder, same street, 13 years later. John drove us up another street called Gayle which was steep enough to make us realize his mission wasn't ALL as easy as sunny days and palm trees.

San Diego Temple. Bright and beautiful. (John with his best companion ever.)
Skyline on a Coronado Island walk.
Trying to re-create the pic of Peggy holding hands with her young kids near the ocean's edge.
My favorite ocean shot. Desi had a blast. She ended up most soaked!
On to the much anticipated LEGOLAND! Here is Nate with one of his idols.
Our kids in front of some great and spacious buildings.
And then the whole new world of Disney! I was already enveloped in the R&R afforded me by not having to tend to daily tasks like laundry and making dinner. I felt very fortunate to be away making memories instead.
The artistry, politeness, and never ending entertainment of Disneyland floated me further into a world of Vacation with a capital V! (as opposed to camping, with a lowercase c. no offense John. ha ha J.K.)
Should I feel guilty about snapping these photos of photos?? Notice Desi's hands, always UP. We learned a little bit about her daredevil side.
3D was everywhere!!! I had no idea that was such a part of the Disney parks. Most memorable for me was feeling a maggot crawl across my backside at the end of the Bugs Life show. John liked the Muppets. My cute and considerate Mother brought along and sported the hot pink hat so she'd be easily spotted in case of misplaced kiddos.
The showmanship was overflowing. So many talented people come together to make up the Disney staff. My kids loved taking part in Phinneus and Ferb's dance party. We also saw Monsters Inc. in the streets. I started totaling the estimated cost of going to the movies/ theater as many times as we did and realized again why Disney tickets are so pricey. Not to mention their power and water bills, etc. etc. etc.
Nate with another of his idols! (We didn't forget about Mater either. Got a fam. pic. w/ him.)

Paradise Pier, aptly named.

Now that we are back braving 18 degree weather and homework galore, my goal is to carry over a little more of that "Zippety Do Dah" feelin into my every day.

Hooray for Disneyland!