Wednesday, November 16, 2011

"I want to ride my bicycle...

...I want to ride my bike. I like to ride my bicycle. I want to ride it where I like!" (-song by Queen)

Whether it be on Carbonville Road...

(Katy and I took this route manyearly mornings in '94, where I think my love for the two wheeled thrill began)

Or in St. George on the Bear Claw Poppy Trail...

John took me there for our 10th Anniversary in 2010.

Together we have biked the San Rafael, Rock Canyon in Provo, Logan Canyon, Dimple Dell in SLC, Lambert Park in Highland, Moab, and more. After our trip south,I told John we could pretty much say we had completed LOTAGEO.

Because of baseball and other obstacles, we didn't make it to the Lunatic Triathalon in Price this year. We saved some money and took a ten miler here in Lehi for free. Afterwards the whole family biked to Dennys for a scrumptious breakfast. This was one of my best memories of the season.

I love family bike rides!!! John was speaking my love language when he bought me a bike trailer one year for Mom's day. Here we are (below) on our traditional Labor Day ride. John took us to Daybreak where he works and afterwards treated us to a pizza picnic.

The chill in the air and the pending snow signal for me an end to prime biking season. It is always a sad day when we take the bikes out of the nifty wood rack crafted by John and hang them high in the garage.

Once while we were dating John surprised me with a bicycle tune up. I began to see that this guy had skills, valuable skills. And now - here we are - a whole row of bikes later... WHAT A RIDE!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I think I can.

Nine thirty a.m. Day 1. My little buddy and I are together at the sink peeling skins off the perfectly blushed juicy peaches produced by our very own tree. I start patting myself on the back with these thoughts..." Wow. Look at me in my apron. I sure won't need to buy peaches at the case lot sale! I'm living providently! I'm not wasting the abundance given me. I'm even doing this without much coaching now. I'm working hard for the sake of feeding our family. Spinach smoothies, cobbler for company, this is such a good thing. I feel myself turning into a Lehi Pioneer with every batch! (although always a Dino deep down)."
When John and I bought our first home, he didn't hesitate to plant fruit trees in the backyard so as to carry on his family's home production and storage traditions. And while the idea of extensive yearly canning once seemed old fashioned and overwhelming to me, here I am feeling peachy as can be and actually enjoying myself. Ya know what? I think I CAN! -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Five thirty pm. Day 3. The kids are getting hungry. I can't really make dinner because I have no room on the stove and I won't have anywhere to put the dirty dishes because the sinks are occupied.
Six o clock. Chicken nuggets in the microwave. What can I serve with them? A side of peaches? Kids are not so enthused about them after having hauled load after load into the house.
Seven thirty. John is home and we begin our FHE activity, canning PEARS as a family! Up from my aching feet through my sore back and into my pounding brain come these thoughts: "This stickey floor is going to be a bugger to clean. I sure hope none of the kids get wounded by a knife or burned by scalding stove water. Boy it's hard to get around in the kitchen with my helpers', chairs pulled up to the counters everywhere. Did I remember to start the dishwasher again? Do I need to make more syrup? Are these pears getting too mushy?...Is this REALLY cheaper than the case lot sale? Do these really taste that much better? Did the kids ever get their homework done? Is this a good way to spend so much of our time? We'd better eat every last jar of these this winter!... Syrup dripping, kids dawdling, clock ticking, body exhausting... 42 jars filled. At least 14 to go. I think I can...I think I can... I think I can..."

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The sun has set...

...on another satisfying summer.

So Long!

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Young boys should never be sent to bed...
they always wake up a day older.
J.M. Barrie in Finding Neverland

Absolutely overjoyed to be at Father & Sons Outing this year!

As a mountain man in his program about Utah.

In childhood, we press our nose to the pane, looking out. In memories of childhood, we press our nose to the pane, looking in.

~Robert Brault

Spring Dance Recital.

Kindergarten Graduation.

Reading Character Day. (Geronimo Stilton w/ Bunnicula!)


Monday, May 23, 2011


My article is featured today, May 22nd, 2011 at

The title is "A Common Thread"

I absolutely LOVE this organization (and not just because they published me :)

It has enriched my life greatly.

Big smile on my face today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. I just finished reading "The Mother In Me, Real World Reflections on Growing into Motherhood" created by the staff of the literary journal, Segullah and published in 2008 by Deseret Book. Very heart-felt, and encouraging.

Friday, May 20, 2011


...My purpose for having become more active in PTA this year. Ta Da!

I improved a little corner of the world.

To view the horrendous BEFORE picture, and read the rest of the story, see my post from Sat. Feb. 27, 2010 entitled "Please Return." (that would be awesome if I knew how to link the two)

Last week Nathan and I were in the BYU Wilk. to see the presentation of a "check" from PTA to Governer Gary Herbert. The worth of the total reported volunteer hours from parents around the state was over 32 million dollars. Woo Hoo for all who are doing their part- especially in classrooms- around the state!!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Can he build it?

41 tough days.

Dinner time P.B. & J.'s

32 tiles laid

Basement #1 in place.

It's time to celebrate!!!

Saturday after his 11 mile scout hike, John took us ice skating. Sunday was a much needed day of rest.

Nate has changed the words of his hero song from Bob the Builder to "John the Builder..." We all know that when it comes to getting projects done... YES HE CAN!

Love you hon.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hersheys and Hallmark

A friend told me this week that she thinks H. & H. are the connivers behind this Feb. 14th holiday. While this outlook is not invalid or unsupported by over-the top marketing, I like to think of Valentines Day as something more- a warm burst of love to help us all get through the February chill. A relationship re-charge. A reason to fancy up.

We got fancy and added some major color to this lovely season by making heart shaped rainbow crayons for the girls' classmates. The process is described on

And the finished product...

The only thing I would add to their tips (since I am sure you will all run and try this) would be to hold the cans with rags that you plan on throwing away. Melted crayon is a bugger of a stain. And speaking of melting- I have one last response to the afformentioned "Hersheys and Hallmark" complaint...
If the snow's still not melting completely off the playgrounds and parkways, at least the chocolate is melting in my mouth, even as we "speak". Thanks to Hersheys, Hallmark, and my sweet sweet Valentine!