Saturday, November 22, 2008

Lovin' It

For the past few months every day after lunch Desi has scurried out to our mailbox, usually barefoot, to get the mail. She is usually barefoot and can barely see into the box while on tiptoes, but she really loves being the one to bring it in. All my kids do...

... So it was an exciting day in the kitchen last Thurs. when into our house was brought a big white envelope addressed to our family from the Utah State Capitol. The Governers Summer Reading challenge worked! (Have any of you ever done this?) I wasn't sure if the free happy meal tickets were ever really going to come through for us, but they did- along with a few other cupons and some official looking certificates of completion. I know my friend Steph F. would say rewarding kids with anything McDonalds is counterproductive to their overall well-being (sure they can read but what about their future cholestrol count?!?). Nevertheless, there we were at McD's Thursday evening, and the kids were "lovin' it."

P.S. I am going to be trying to figure out how make the blog private here soon so you can email me if you would like an invitation! Thanks a lot.