Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Who needs adult conversation?

Desi on the way to a wedding reception: "Where is the reception?"
Me: "In a different city."
Desi (genuinely concerned): "What if we don't speak their language?"

Another of Desi's Questions: "Why do they even invent robbers?"

During Preschool Workbook time (very sweetly):
"Mom, You're great for making these books."
(What a sweet thanks!)

Caroline at dinner: "Sorry."
Desi: "For what?"
Caroline: "You'll have to guess... Do you smell anything?"

Caroline's question right in the middle of a Home Teaching visit about the Apostacy (and she did raise her hand):
"Uh, you don't mean ,like, the apostraphe that comes before the S, do you?"

Caroline: "Mom, come into the house right now. I made a surprise for you. "
And hanging on the back door I found this glittery, multi-layered piece of artwork:

I love my Care Bear!

William's latest insights:
"Mom, why does the bottom of this happy meal box say 'proof of purchase'? I mean, what if somebody steals the happy meal? This is no proof of purchase at all."

Me after finding a candy wrapper in William's pocket following our family hike to the Y: "Thanks for saving your litter, Will."
William: "Mom, if I never threw it on the ground. It was never litter."

William pondering on our Creator:
"I don't know why He didn't make all of the sweet and yummy tasting foods the ones with all the vitamins."
"I've just always hated it how life has to be hard. Why wouldn't He make it so we could be like 'We can play! We can play!' all day?"

You can bet he got a thorough answer after he asked THAT question!