Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Legacy of Literacy

When I count the blessings in my life, literacy is among the things for which I am most grateful. I don’t necessarily consider myself to be “well read”, (unless you count childrens’ lit). There is so much more out there for me to learn. But thankfully both John and I, largely because of our parents’ examples, love to learn through reading and the arts. Their homes include libraries of learning and their minds are full from years of vast study and exposure.

I remember laughing at my own Mom’s recitation of “Yertel the Turtle”, and enjoying together the homophones in Amelia Bedilia books. I remember my Dad reciting “ ’Twas the Night Before Christmas” with much expression each Christmas Eve, and I still have the worn out copy of “Danny and the Dinosaur” I begged him to read and re-read throughout my toddler years. My Dad loves short stories, as is evidenced today by the perpetual copy of the Bathroom Reader found in their commode. My Mom chuckled not too long ago when she saw in our suburban at the foot of the passenger seat a bag stuffed with magazines, cookbooks, a novel, etc. It was one of those striking moments when you realize Mom and Daughter are becoming more and more alike with the passing of time.

Thanks to a tradition set by his Father, one of John’s roles in our home is “before bedtime story teller.” He has also recently joined the world of wizardry because of all of the Harry Potter audio books lent to him by his parents. Good timing, as William is currently engulfed book 4 of that magical series. Being able to discuss a book together is good for any relationship.

The love for theatre that was passed to John was one thing that attracted me to him while we were dating- quite literally! Among the list of plays we saw together while courting are: “The Foreigner,” “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat,”, and even, “LeMis!”. I have a suspicion that his Dad footed the bill on more than one of these extravagant evenings. (Thanks Alden )

I hope it is gratifying to them to know that at our house, the LOVE FOR LIT lives on!!

• Desiree is my little memorizer of the poems passed out at story time.

*Quick side note: For all you locals who haven’t taken advantage of the reading incentive program offered by Lehi Lib. For ages 6-12- Do it! My kids have had fun checking out new things like magazines and CDs to cross off more squares on their paper. And they have repeatedly won the prize drawing due to low participation numbers. It makes them happy, but they need some competition!

• Caroline was selected this year to represent her class in the school wide storytelling festival…

• And a sure highlight of Will’s year was getting to finally talk to Brandon Mull at a recent book signing.

• As for Nathan, just this afternoon he said another 2 word phrase that melted me right down into the recliner… “BOOK TIME!”