Sunday, January 6, 2013

And the days were accomplished

I don't know whether or not anyone noticed, but the pic on our family Christmas letter was actually taken in 2011, last Christmas.  I wanted to get the 2012 cards done early, so I used what we had. I figured most of us hadn't changed too much.
Oh, except for that BIG ROUND BELLY on Mom!!!  Here we are in actual Dec. 2012.

I haven't ever been THIS pregnant during the holidays. And I don't think any of my pregnancies have felt THIS heavy. This season I took particular notice of Mary's condition as she rode on a donkey and prepared to deliver the Savior on a bed of hay in a cave. The phrase "and the days were accomplished" meant to me this year that-yes, every single day of this third trimester is an accomplishment! And I have so many comforts to help get me through. I now feel more respect and compassion for Mary than ever before. 
I listened for the first time to the meaning behind Amy Grant's song "Breath of Heaven" as it was played for me during R.S. behind the Nativity video. She is calling on a higher power to help her labor through the delivery. My favorite phrases are  "Breath of heaven, hold me together. Be forever near me..."  and in the bridge when she pleads "help me be strong."

Christmas Letter twenty TWELVE

(Think: ”Twelve Days of Christmas” J )


In the first month of 2012 the Whitehead family

   Finally saw the land of Disney!

In February 2012 the Whitehead family

   Played Junior Jazz andá

In March of 2012 the Whitehead family

   Biked and Read

For Caroline’s birthday was mini golfing

   A Brick Oven meal

In May we decided that we are gonna be


In June Nathan James had his birthday party

   Bob the Builder

July, baseball tourneys and tent camping

   Rope swing and swimming

Backpacked the Uintas, Lake “Grandaddy”

   Eight miles hiking

Throughout 2012 the Whitehead family

   Saw Desirée Dancing

This year William “rocked” on the kneeboard and skis

   Dad’s traditions keeping

We hope 2012 for our friends and family

   Has Been to your liking

We rejoice, and are grateful for all our blessings

   Christmas is coming!