Friday, September 25, 2009

Lego Birthday Party Scavenger Hunt

While planning Will's 8th bday party, I looked online for a scavenger hunt and did not find one so I ended up writing one and decided to post it. It is an outside hunt that can be adapted to any theme. We had an obstacle course for the lego men (a great idea that I did find online), so the scavenger hunt was for parts of the lego men who would compete in the obstacle course afterward.

To put together Lego Man, each person must think hard.
Solve riddles and find pieces hidden all around the yard.

1. Building things with Legos and K’nex is always fun.
But Mom says only after this loud outside chore is done.

2.Back and forth the children go. They could stay there all day.
Your next piece will be underneath a favorite
place to play.

3. A sanitation engineer comes every other week.
To dump the can that holds another Lego that you seek.

4. There are some great detectives on this Lego party team.
Your next clue’s hidden near a tube that’s flexible and green.

5. Doing Great! You’ve made it clear to riddle number five.
Check to see if your next Lego Magazine’s arrived!

Answers: 1. Lawn Mower, 2. Swingset, 3. Garbage Can, 4. Hose, 5. Mailbox

Yes, he's eight. And handsome too.

I was hoping that I could go ahead and print these cute scrapblog pages in 8.5 by 11 size. That was going to be my new way to digital scrapbook on a budget. Turns out it doesn't work. But I did learn to do it, so I thought I'd share. (