Thursday, October 1, 2015

LP 2015

LP 2015.
A packed Mcqueen and captain
Arrive at Bullfrog Bay.
Suits are donned, sunscreen on.
Let's leave this ground, & play!

Parents break the skis in
With proud and practiced ease.
Crazy Cara begs to tube.
Nate grooves it on his knees.

Canyoneering calls us
Past the stagnant houseboat masts.
William scales those boulders,
Desi's every bit as fast.

Marvel fills our muscles
Re-tracing pioneer steps.
We're tickled as the wetland frogs
Remind us "We Got" Wes.

Skipping rocks and dealing cards
Help us to relax.
Glassy warmth and shooting stars
Keep us coming back.