Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Who needs adult conversation?

Desi on the way to a wedding reception: "Where is the reception?"
Me: "In a different city."
Desi (genuinely concerned): "What if we don't speak their language?"

Another of Desi's Questions: "Why do they even invent robbers?"

During Preschool Workbook time (very sweetly):
"Mom, You're great for making these books."
(What a sweet thanks!)

Caroline at dinner: "Sorry."
Desi: "For what?"
Caroline: "You'll have to guess... Do you smell anything?"

Caroline's question right in the middle of a Home Teaching visit about the Apostacy (and she did raise her hand):
"Uh, you don't mean ,like, the apostraphe that comes before the S, do you?"

Caroline: "Mom, come into the house right now. I made a surprise for you. "
And hanging on the back door I found this glittery, multi-layered piece of artwork:

I love my Care Bear!

William's latest insights:
"Mom, why does the bottom of this happy meal box say 'proof of purchase'? I mean, what if somebody steals the happy meal? This is no proof of purchase at all."

Me after finding a candy wrapper in William's pocket following our family hike to the Y: "Thanks for saving your litter, Will."
William: "Mom, if I never threw it on the ground. It was never litter."

William pondering on our Creator:
"I don't know why He didn't make all of the sweet and yummy tasting foods the ones with all the vitamins."
"I've just always hated it how life has to be hard. Why wouldn't He make it so we could be like 'We can play! We can play!' all day?"

You can bet he got a thorough answer after he asked THAT question!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Lego Birthday Party Scavenger Hunt

While planning Will's 8th bday party, I looked online for a scavenger hunt and did not find one so I ended up writing one and decided to post it. It is an outside hunt that can be adapted to any theme. We had an obstacle course for the lego men (a great idea that I did find online), so the scavenger hunt was for parts of the lego men who would compete in the obstacle course afterward.

To put together Lego Man, each person must think hard.
Solve riddles and find pieces hidden all around the yard.

1. Building things with Legos and K’nex is always fun.
But Mom says only after this loud outside chore is done.

2.Back and forth the children go. They could stay there all day.
Your next piece will be underneath a favorite
place to play.

3. A sanitation engineer comes every other week.
To dump the can that holds another Lego that you seek.

4. There are some great detectives on this Lego party team.
Your next clue’s hidden near a tube that’s flexible and green.

5. Doing Great! You’ve made it clear to riddle number five.
Check to see if your next Lego Magazine’s arrived!

Answers: 1. Lawn Mower, 2. Swingset, 3. Garbage Can, 4. Hose, 5. Mailbox

Yes, he's eight. And handsome too.

I was hoping that I could go ahead and print these cute scrapblog pages in 8.5 by 11 size. That was going to be my new way to digital scrapbook on a budget. Turns out it doesn't work. But I did learn to do it, so I thought I'd share. (

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Piles

Pile #1:

And a little poem for those of you with a similar stack-

Author Unknown

Thank God for dirty dishes;
They have a tale to tell.
While others may go hungry,
We're eating very well

With home, health, and happiness,
I shouldn't want to fuss;
For this stack is evidence,
God's very good to us.

Pile #2 :
This particular countertop section in my kitchen provides a running portrayal of how "ont top of it" I am feeling (or not feeling) about life.

And in relation to pile #2, I share a poem from my "motherhood" collection which I am aiming to have bound and published within the next little while :)

by Julia Whitehead

Junk mail, homework, cupons, ads,
Bills that I should file.
Magazines and more are sitting
In my paper pile.

Cluttering my countertop
And looking downright scary.
I start to chip away and wonder,
Where’s my secretary?

So if it seems I’ve vanished-
Haven’t seen me for a while,
Please start to dig, I’m buried
Underneath my paper pile.

And pile #3, the winner:

So why am I sitting here blogging?

These photos were actually taken last week. Today I have spent the entire morning cleaning. So the piles are looking a little better. For now...

Friday, July 17, 2009

The Real Story

***NOTE: Make sure you read "The Thrill of ...Finishing" prior to this post. :) Thanks Linz.

After reading Julia’s entry about the big race, I feel like there needs to be some perspective put into place. Please keep in mind that this is my debut BLOG entry, so go easy on me. I also did not get the creative writing gene that Julia has, fair warning.

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Lindsay, I am Julia’s YOUNGER sister who has not had the privilege of carrying, let along delivering any fine spirits into this world, and has tried to pride herself with being physically fit J. I also need to add that our even YOUNGER sister was with us as well, and she will be an intricate part of my side of the story.

When we decided we were going to Vail, I looked it up and suggested that we, as a family, participate in this 10K. I thought it would be a great goal for the family and a bonding experience. As you read, Julia was very enthusiastic about it and started successfully training. Perhaps because of my pride, I wasn’t quite as faithful in the training.

The big day came and well, you read about it. However, I must interject that while Julia was unphased by the fitness of our ‘competitors’, I was not feeling too good about the race from the beginning (a very similar, yet exponentially intensified scenerio will occur at the pearly gates I’m certain). But Kimi and I nervously signed up for the 10K…we’re young and healthy…we can do it!!

About 0.3 miles into the race, we started up this MOUNTAIN!! I really feel the need to explain the scenerio to you a little better. It had been raining all day, we were at about 9500 ft, (Oxygen supply was low), and we were expected to run on a MUDDY MOUNTAIN! Please forgive the extravagance of my metaphor, but I hope it helps illustrate just how unprepared we were (Obviously Kimi and I, but Julia to some degree) for this particular trail run. It is like a 2009 _______________(insert the sports car of your liking, of course I’m a Mustang gal) Driving on a four-wheeling/rock climbing course in Moab!) Words can’t explain how steep, narrow, and muddy this thing was.

We started up it and in no time most people were walking, our spirits were still high. We figured we could endure another 5 or so minutes of this and then it would plateau out and we’d be back in business. Oh no…it took Kimi and I 45 MINUTES to get to the top of the mountain. Attitude still positive, we asked at the first drink station how far we’d gone. The wind was knocked right out of our sails when we had only gone 1.6 MILES!! For the average runner, that is a FIFTEEN MINUTE FEAT!!!

We hung our heads in shame when a quick calculation was done and at our current pace we wouldn’t arrive at home base for another TWO HOURS and FIFTEEN MINUTES!!! Needless to say, we’d met our defeat and only finished the 5K. We did not get our times, we did not get any praise, rather a laugh from our brother who said ‘IT TOOK YOU THAT LONG TO DO a 5K!!’ Yeah, he wasn’t up the mountain, he can’t talk.

My parting words are these: Julia is SUPERWOMAN!! Any of you who were thinking that her time left something to be desired…go to Vail, do the muddy trail run, see how fast you can do it, and then come talk to us. I cannot believe she finished. Yes I’m ashamed I didn’t, but I really feel like the elements were against us on this one. And yes, I’ll attempt another 10K someday to redeem myself, but you’d better believe I’ll be checking out the conditions prior to!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

The thrill of... finishing

"I am a runner. I never get tired when I run. I run in any kind of weather. Running imvigorates me. I was made to run."

This is the wording of the positive mental paragraph which was recommended I repeat over and over in my mind as I pounded each patch of hard pavement throughout this past spring and summer. Repeated recitation of this paragraph was accompanied by a myriad of other tactics such as envisioning myself as a lawn mower, or a steadfast Clydesdale
race horse.

I had read the books. I had purchased the stability shoes. I had paid the $35 registration fee. I had enlisted help from some more experienced runner neighbors of mine to push me through training runs. I was as ready as I’d ever be for the “La Sportiva Summer Solstice Twilight Trail Run.” In Beaver Creek, Colorado.

Walking toward the registration desk, my sisters and I were surrounded by super tan, lean legged people wearing all the right gear form the Nike caps on down. The Vail Rec. website said this 10K was a “series” race, and I think most of them had done the whole series- along with about a billion other races over their lifetimes.

“They love people like us,” I told my sister. “We add variety to the race. This all so old hat to them. Hard working underdogs are always inspiring.”

Honestly I was not affected at all by the other participants. I am not a real competitive person, and I was racing just to prove to myself that I could go the distance. I may not have had myself convinced of EVERY word in the above positive mental paragraph, but I did feel like I deserved to be there that day and I was ready to give it my best shot.

I don’t know if familiarization with the topography of the trail would have made me steer clear of this particular race. I figured that being in a mountainous town, the trail would not be flat. But I DID NOT anticipate the first mile and a half being straight up a darned ski slope!

Nevertheless, I made it up, and continued across the mountainside through the trampled down grass and dark, slick mud.

My favorite section of the race was across a single track trail overlooking the city. I ran alone, with only my body’s own cues to tell me the pace to keep. I had accidentally left my watch in the suburban after letting Nathan play with it during the drive over.

I will always remember the fresh beautiful solace of those moments. The quakie aspens decorated this portion of the Rockies with perfect patches of green that contrasted crisply with the baby blue sky. Rain had fallen all afternoon leaving clean scented air that begged me to deeply breathe. It WAS invigorating! And when the downhill came, I let my legs fly faster than they ever have for such an extended amount of time. I started to think, “Hey, I AM a runner!”

I ran, and I ran, and I ran. I was RU-NIN’. I listened for any sound of people gathering , and when I heard it, I kicked it into high gear. It was time for my big finish! (I guess it goes without saying that the reason I ran alone was NOT because I led the pack.)

After the race, I was curious to know my time- for history’s sake. I had never officially measured or officially timed 6.2 miles. I asked where this info could be found, and was directed to the “La Sportiva” shade tent. I glanced thorough the list and, unfortunately did not see my name. Turns out the list was printed off immediately after the bulk of the runners had come through. Myself and a few others were too late!

Now anybody with any amount of athletic pride would probably have stopped there- maybe just estimated a time or something. But I had to know. So I walked back over to the finish line and matter- of-factly explained the situation. They fiddled around on the computer, called in a few extra staff who knew the program, fiddled some more. All the while I stood there, waiting. Finally they recovered my time…

I had hit it HARD for One hour, twenty nine minutes, and fourty seconds!

And I am not ashamed.

A little bonus came when the M.C. handing out the medals ended up with some extra sponsor prizes to give away. He picked me out of the crowd, #40, and I got some awesome spray-on sunscreen! He had been the one at the finish line who gave me my much needed Gatorade. He shared a moment of overflowing emotion with the hardworking underdog, and she made him proud, she did.

So not quite the thrill of VICTORY, but yes, I AM FINISHED.

Other trip highlights:

Lindsay's wish was for us to visit the Vail Gymnastics Center. Turned out to be a blast for the kids.

People that know my brother comment often that he and Nathan look alike. How about this pic?

Lloyd women at Vail Overlook after gondola ride. The weather was PERFECT for our mountaintop lunch, horseshoe game, and sand dig, and a little yoga, I guess.

A mid morning nature Hike near the Betty Ford Park.

My sweet Grandma Ginsburg with my children and other relatives that came to visit that day.
Seeing them was the main reason for our trip. It was a beautiful visit, and a fun vacation.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Extra! Extra! en la Biblioteca!

Wednesday morning we were definately right in the middle of the action. You can see William front and center here. And yes, that is Caroline's ponytail and ear on the left side of the pic. Before you read the whole story, let me just take the liberty to edit my own quote so that it is gramatically correct. I was just so nervous during the interview. LOL (Did I just use a texting term? That was especially for my siblings.) O.K. Here is what I meant to say:

"The thing I love about the library is that there are so many options as far as when to attend story time."

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Marshmallows, Museum, Money, Mud, Memories

After about 6 hours of preparation between the two of us, and a VERY full suburban, we headed out for our family San Rafel Swell camping trip reminiscing about the days where we used to pack up the 2 man tent in the purple oldsmobile achieva and be on our way in 1/2 an hour. Preparations are more complex nowadays; nevertheless, we were ready!

But not for 2 days of straight, continuous, wet wet rain!

Plan B: Set up a canopy on Wood Hill and have a campfire. We tried. Too windy.

Plan C: Satisfy the kids' desire for the camping experience by roasting marshmallows in the fire pictured below, and setting up the tent in my parents' front yard.

Other cozy indoor activities included "Catch Phrase," "Floam," and tours of the stuffed animal museum. My kids are such entrepreneurs, and they know that Grandma will pay out, so they love to set up museums and charge for entrance. Behind the display is a sign that reads "do not touch," along with a price list broken down by age and length of museum pass validity.

This museum gave Caroline the idea to go tour the CEU Prehistoric Museum. It is a landmark in Price and surely a world class experience for anyone who travels through that area. My kids especially like the sandbox and life-size teepee. New to the museum is a baby alligator!

Since our nice brother-in-law lent us his GPS, we just had to get out there and locate some geocaches, despite the mud. This pic of Will's shoes is AFTER I had cleaned them off. We definately broke in our new suburban. Oh wait, the scouts had already done that. We'd had our sights set on several of the Udinks caches in the San Rafel, but had to opt for urban ones instead. The pay off came, though, when in one container we found


Yes, even with some hassle and some noise, a full suburban is indicitave of a full and abundant life. Pitfalls and stresses do come, but always outweighed by joyful memories. This saying on my Mom's wall became the motto of our weekend:

Sunday, May 10, 2009


1. When you have a crawler in the house, keep the gate up, the bookshelves emptied, and the pantry closed!

2. Rice Bags are magical and can cure those inevitable and contagious [name that body part] aches that aseem to come on nightly at around 8:31 pm.

3. Because you are not generally present at the sitting for school portraits, it is wise to have a back-up plan.

Somebody forgot to say "cheese!"
Before I share my fourth bit of Momsense, I will preface it with a quote by Anna Quindlen (from Jane Clayson's book, "I Am A Mother") She describes a great Motherhood friendship:

"...the ones in which 2 women can admit how difficult mothering is quietly to each other, over cups of herbal tea at a table stickey with spilled apple juice and littered with markers without tops."

When I read this, I could definately identify.

(our marker drawer)

4. "Twistables" markers are the way to go. They had to have been invented by a MOM!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Deceptively Delicious

Well, I do not own the cookbook that teaches you how to add veggie purees to meals in order to sneak nutrients into your kids. I have, however been known to add black beans to my brownies. I also showed up at last year's service auction with some racecars made out of celery and carrots. It must have been for these reasons that my friend Christi recruited me to give a mini presentation at her recipe club on the topic of "Kid Foods." I appreciated the chance to spend a little more time in the kitchen with my future chefs and decided to focus mostly on healthy kid foods, since we could all stand to eat a few more fruits and veggies around here.

I did want to include the angle of sneaking veggies into food, so as part of my research I looked up a recipe for Macaroni and Cheese with pureed cauliflower instead of butter. My kindergartener wants mac and cheese EVERY day after school. So if I could make this little substitution wouldn't she be that much better off? So I thought. I made sure she was occupied in the other room as I prepared the dish, then called her in when it was ready. This was her exact reaction:

"This mac and cheese tastes different."

"Let me see the box."

"You should have added more butter."

(We add some spray butter and a little salt, since the night before, I got her to eat the cream of broccoli soup by adding salt.)

"It still tastes bad."

"Salt came to the rescue last night, but not this time."

and her final comment...


I never told her what the difference was. I ended up giving her left over pancakes instead and eating the mac and cheese myself.

*Note- I just used a simple recipe with boxed mac and cheese- it would probably turn out better with Mrs. Seinfield's actual recipe.

The crazy tortilla face and the cute fruit and veggie flower garden, however, were much more of a success.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

April (?snow?) Showers

As a child I remember that one of my wishes after the birthday present had hit my head was that there would be such a thing as WARM SNOW. Then I could sculpt and play without the frostbitten fingertips. (The other wish was always a trampoline, which my parents promptly bought soon after I was away at college! No hard feelings though. My kids are now the thrilled recipients).

So wasn't actually warm snow, but it was warm outside, and the ground was COVERED in snow! We had to build our snow family quickly before it collapsed due to the heaviness and heat.

Here we are complete with a crawling little Nathan.

Mom and Dad were headless ten minutes later!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sweets Caroline

The first signs of spring were appearing in early March this year. We saw a robin in the backyard, we took a bike ride, we planted peas, and we got excited about crocuses appearing. Along with all of these sights was a certain magical sound. It came floating through the air one day just as Caroline stepped off the bus. She knew exactly what it was and screamed in excitement, “THE ICE CREAM MAN!!!!”

Her usual dawdling was replaced by wild sprinting straight through the house to her room where the Mason jar containing a few bills and coins sat on her dresser. Before I and the baby could reach the back door, she was out the front door panting and assuring me that she remembers my rule to stay on our street. This rule came about as a result of last years barefoot, three block ice cream man chase-down.

I looked at her and realized that no “You haven’t had lunch yet,” or “Aren’t you saving your money,” comment was going to stop her vigor today. So I went in the house to help Desi round up a few quarters of her own. Desi wasn’t actually as into it as Cara, I got talking with a neighbor, and before we knew it Caroline was back, and NOT empty handed. She looked proud as punch that she had waited and waited and FINALLY he had found her. She rubbed it in a little to Desi and went in to enjoy her spoils. I glanced at the wrapper and was surprised at the flavor she had chosen, coconut. Knowing of her distaste for this flavor, I began to question the selection but the stopped myself, not wanting to prematurely ruin it mentally for her.

She unwrapped the precious prize and took a lick. A lick was okay. Then a bite. Her eyebrows wrinkled. Her eyes widened. Her nostrils flared, and her lips transformed from an angry frown into a wide open wail! “It has COCONUT in it!” she screamed in disgust. If you have ever had something major and expensive break down like the day after your warranty expires, you may have a small inkling of the disappointment and outrage she felt. She was deceived. Shattered. Slighted. Jipped.

At this point phrases like “umbrella mom,” “logical consequences,” “impulse buying,” and “lessons of life” were swimming around in my head right along with the words “mercy,” “innocent mistake,” “heartbroken,” “rescue, ” and “love.”

“I’ll buy it from you honey,” I instinctively offered. But the question now was whether we’d be able to flag down the trouble causing truck again in time. I made the quick decision to leave Will home in charge of the youngins for a moment and told Cara to hop into the bike trailer. We took off up the road and luckily located him. Cara decided to buy from the dollar menu a rainbow popsicle that she remembered trying last year. A safe bet. And fifty cents less. She was learning.

As I pedaled home I wondered whether my rescue had been right. Then out of her mouth came as sincere a “Thank You, Mom. You’re the best.” as I have ever heard her give. She knew that I had saved her from her plight when she had not power to do so herself. I do want to teach her wise money management. It’s important for her to know that some sales are final, and sometimes in life you just miss the boat. But when we fall we need not despair, for if we humble ourselves and come unto our Savior, His grace is sufficient and his rewards are sweet above all that is sweet.

This year's cake was no disappointment. She was pretty excited. Happy 6th Birthday Sweet Caroline!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Rocking My Baby

-A Poem for Nathan-

At the sound of your coo I awake from my sleep
Refreshed by a slumber delightfully deep!

Your gaze is so eager; Contagious your smile.
Let's go to the front room and rock for a while.

My magazines, books, and the phone are right there
But I do nothing more than just rock you, and stare.

I smell your fresh breathing and touch your smooth skin.
We warm one another both outside and in.

After eating and burping, your diaper's a mess.
I guess I should change you, and get you all dressed.

But with you, this moment, the whole world has stopped.
So cuddle me close and together we'll rock.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Trumpeting Elephant

Hear ye, Hear ye, a message from my honored guest blog author (and hard working husband, personal finance consultant, and one true love) John Alden Whitehead… Many of you know that I work for Ivory Homes as a construction superintendent. Normally I’m the guy out in the field supervising the construction of new homes but today I’m trying to help get the word out to our friends and family about the great deals that our company is offering on new homes right now. You personally may not be looking to buy a new home right now, which is fine, but you may know someone else that is! My hope is that before any prospective buyer makes this very important decision that they would give Ivory a chance to show them why we’ve been the leader in the Utah housing market for 22 straight years.

Everyone is aware that last year was challenging in the housing market. However, Ivory has been able to successfully weather the storm. Ivory Homes had the 4th best year in the company’s history in 2008 by closing 718 homes. We also increased our market share by 47%. That being said, we recognize that we need to work harder than ever and are determined to do all we can to grow our business this coming year. To accomplish this, we have decided that our entire company needs to take a more proactive role in helping generate additional sales.

2009 will most likely be the year where housing prices in Utah will be lower than they’ll ever be again. With Ivory’s recent price cuts, home pricing is similar to what it was 5 years ago (in 2004). Many of you have heard that interest rates are going down to lower than ever. Right now in the mortgage market some people are qualifying for rates anywhere from 4 7/8% to 5 3/8% depending on the day. For those who close on an Ivory Home this year, rates are even better! By financing with Ivory Mortgage, our buyers are guaranteed a 4.5% fixed interest rate over the life of the 30-year loan.

You also may have heard that to help stimulate the economy, the government is offering a $7,500 tax refund for 1st time home buyers who close on a home before July of 2009. To take advantage of that opportunity a person would need to begin the process very soon.

The following example illustrates how monthly mortgage payments for a new Ivory home owner in this particular neighborhood are approximately 40% lower than they were just a few years ago.

There are many ways you or someone you know can get more information about possibly purchasing an Ivory Home.
  1. Visit any of our MODEL HOMES and speak with a sales consultant. That would be the best way to find out specific pricing in any of our locations and they can answer any of your questions about buying a home. Be sure to let them know that you know John Whitehead so you can get the best deal possible.
  2. Log on to our website at
  3. Listen to a personal experience had by one of our recent buyers, Jill Stevens (Miss Utah 2007), when building her Ivory Home.
    Request your copy of our CATALOG OF HOMES to be mailed to you.
  4. Find out more information about the LOCATIONS we are building in.
    Sign up for our free monthly email newsletter Ivory Insider.
    Email me at and I’d be happy to answer any questions I can.

Thank you for taking the time to consider who you know that may benefit from what Ivory, and this current “buyers market” have to offer. Also, if you are thinking about refinancing, rates are in the low 5’s and Ivory Mortgage can work out a great deal to help any of you who currently have a mortgage with a high interest rate.

Anyway, if you know of someone we can help, please respond with their contact info. As you know, I’m not in sales (ie. I get no commission if any of you end up referring someone who ends up buying a home), but I am committed to doing my part and would appreciate your help.

John Whitehead

The elephant has trumpeted, so don’t delay. Pass on this message today!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Out With The Old

Since I am a wanna-be fly lady, I decided to take her challenge called the "twenty seven thing FLING!" I have done this in the past and found it to be invigorating and satisfying. It is, however, sometimes emotionally hard for me to "let go" of things. I didn't know what a pack rat I could be until my dejunking husband went on his first clean out spree. We have worked out one way to satisfy both of us when it is time to get rid of something but I may not be quite ready. We take a picture! Here are a few from the past...

Left: Me holding cases to camping chairs (John thinks they are useless) and his little league trophy.

Right: Me with an interactive writing poster that Brad Wilcox HIMSELF complimented me on when he popped in to my classroom one day.

I am sentimental. What can I say? So to ring in the new year I let my desire for order (as opposed to C.H.A.O.S.) overrule as I rummaged through the house looking for items that fit this motto: "If you don't love 'em or use 'em, loose 'em!" Here is what I came up with.

Oh, yes, and we are getting rid of one more thing...

I must say there was some role reversal when it came time to decide whether to part with this trusty ol' beast. After spending almost a full Saturday under the hood preparing to sell our '90 Suburban- covering himself with plenty of grime and a war wound between the eyes in the process- John has had a hard time moving on. Thanks Honey!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas Greetings

Thought I'd post this on the blog for history's sake...

“Do You Hear What I Hear?”
(Whitehead Remake ‘08)

Said the Whiteheads to our friends and fam,
We’re wonderin’ how you be!
We are making holiday plans;
Our house is filled with such glee.

Our son, William, creating day and night,
K’nex and Legos are his delight!
He is learning to Choose The Right.

Says our little Caroline filled with joy,
“Do you know where I go?
To a classroom filled with girls and boys.
We play at recess in the snow.

Bus stop! Bus stop! It’s the place to be.
I am five now. I’m feelin’ free;
And I’ve even learned how to read.”

Says dear DesirĂ©e, “Dancin’s my thing.
I put on a sweet show;
Wearing leotard, gloss, pearls, and rings.
While Dad practices piano.”

Our son, Nathan, is beautiful to hold.
Grins and sleeps and does what he’s told!!!!
He is learning now he can roll.

For Mom and Dad not too much news to share;
We work and try to also play.
Pray for those we love everywhere;
That all may cherish every day.

And find the Child born that Christmas night.
He has brought such goodness and light.
May our hearts be filled with his light.

With Love,

The J .& J. Whitehead Family