Sunday, October 21, 2007

Childhood Energy

Here is what our children have been up to so far this October.

The theme for Reflections this year is "I Can Make A difference by..." Will's answer was "picking up litter, so he made his project out of garbage!! In his right hand is part of the original project, which little sister Desiree took scissors to. In his other hand is the ressurrected finished product.
Little Sister Desi does it again...She's TWO, by the way. This past Sunday it was Mom's make-up that she got into. We love you Desi :)
Let it snow!! That is what Caroline was singing this morning when she looked out the window. She dressed HERSELF in boots and gloves and went outside. Dad told her the snow was too hard to pack, but she didn't give up. She actually spent about an hour making her own snowman!! When we got home from church, it was wrecked, so Mom braved the cold (it feels cold now, just wait huh) and helped her build "Snowy" back up again.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

poems for my little ones

for William, age 4
by Julia M. L. Whitehead

Chocolate soy milk fourty six seconds warm,
Dressing yourself with such pride every morn.

Dumping the legos, then putting them back,
Asking my help to come build a new track.

Seeing commercials on “regular T.V.,”
Begging for happy meal toys that you see.

Your Spiderman lunchbox has saltines inside,
The “big blue bike’s” training wheels speed up your ride.

Your silky blonde hair shines in the sun
As you swing “not too high” and climb slides for fun.

Cucumbers, raisins with P.B. & J.
“Books on the couch” after lunch every day.

Quiet time comes and there’s so much to do,
Coloring, play dough, computer games too.

Eskimo kisses, no soap in the eyes.
Put jammies on and hope to stay dry.

We read “scripture power” and say a small prayer,
Then “Tom & Jerry”, “Dora”, or “Berenstein Bears”.

Tucked in with your train blanket, or Dad’s favorite one,
We’re both feeling sleepy when our big day is done.

I’m relieved to be sitting in silence, alone.
But I’ll miss every detail when tomorrow you’re grown.

A poem for Desiree at 10 months
May 2006

It brightens,
It warms,
It soothes my tension.

It’s laughter,
It’s growth,
It signals pure fun.

In morning
It’s fresh.
In evenings “all done.”

I treasure,
I bask,
You’re my shining sun.

A poem for my Caroline
May 2006

SPLASH! You’ve jumped in!
It’s your turn for living.
No rock, hill, or island
Will stand in your way.

SPLASH! You got us!
Too cute for resisting.
We’ve jumped on your boat
And we’re ready to play.

SPLASH! You sprinkle
A spicy strong flavor
Many a chef
Would pay trillions to get.

SPLASH! I’m soaking.
You made me remember
Life is before us
So let’s go get wet!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Top 2 Spring/Summer Shots of '07

These are photos that I've thought, "I ought to do something really creative with these"- nice framing or special scrapbooking or something. So for now, the answer is.. share them on my blog!

The first is us 2 lovebirds in Puerto Vallarta enjoying the sunset. We had just purchased our hats. Besides the romantic feeling I get when I look at this picture, there is another memory which makes me smile as well. Moments after the hat bartering was complete, a street salesman gave us the most creative pitch we heard all week..." He, ju wan som Mexican jonk? Mexican jonk, olmos free!" Many smiles were had that evening. John calls this picture "June roses" (refer to quote by James Barrie, the Scottish poet) Memorias dulces por seguro.

This next shot needs no commentary other than that it fully demonstrates the truthfulness of the theme park's motto.."WHAT FUN IS!"