Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Marshmallows, Museum, Money, Mud, Memories

After about 6 hours of preparation between the two of us, and a VERY full suburban, we headed out for our family San Rafel Swell camping trip reminiscing about the days where we used to pack up the 2 man tent in the purple oldsmobile achieva and be on our way in 1/2 an hour. Preparations are more complex nowadays; nevertheless, we were ready!

But not for 2 days of straight, continuous, wet wet rain!

Plan B: Set up a canopy on Wood Hill and have a campfire. We tried. Too windy.

Plan C: Satisfy the kids' desire for the camping experience by roasting marshmallows in the fire pictured below, and setting up the tent in my parents' front yard.

Other cozy indoor activities included "Catch Phrase," "Floam," and tours of the stuffed animal museum. My kids are such entrepreneurs, and they know that Grandma will pay out, so they love to set up museums and charge for entrance. Behind the display is a sign that reads "do not touch," along with a price list broken down by age and length of museum pass validity.

This museum gave Caroline the idea to go tour the CEU Prehistoric Museum. It is a landmark in Price and surely a world class experience for anyone who travels through that area. My kids especially like the sandbox and life-size teepee. New to the museum is a baby alligator!

Since our nice brother-in-law lent us his GPS, we just had to get out there and locate some geocaches, despite the mud. This pic of Will's shoes is AFTER I had cleaned them off. We definately broke in our new suburban. Oh wait, the scouts had already done that. We'd had our sights set on several of the Udinks caches in the San Rafel, but had to opt for urban ones instead. The pay off came, though, when in one container we found


Yes, even with some hassle and some noise, a full suburban is indicitave of a full and abundant life. Pitfalls and stresses do come, but always outweighed by joyful memories. This saying on my Mom's wall became the motto of our weekend:

Sunday, May 10, 2009


1. When you have a crawler in the house, keep the gate up, the bookshelves emptied, and the pantry closed!

2. Rice Bags are magical and can cure those inevitable and contagious [name that body part] aches that aseem to come on nightly at around 8:31 pm.

3. Because you are not generally present at the sitting for school portraits, it is wise to have a back-up plan.

Somebody forgot to say "cheese!"
Before I share my fourth bit of Momsense, I will preface it with a quote by Anna Quindlen (from Jane Clayson's book, "I Am A Mother") She describes a great Motherhood friendship:

"...the ones in which 2 women can admit how difficult mothering is quietly to each other, over cups of herbal tea at a table stickey with spilled apple juice and littered with markers without tops."

When I read this, I could definately identify.

(our marker drawer)

4. "Twistables" markers are the way to go. They had to have been invented by a MOM!