Thursday, October 23, 2008

Reasons to SMILE

*Figured out how to strap Nathan into the bike trailer (thanks Jana), and the weather has allowed me several refreshing mid-morning rides.
*Free ice cream, salad, and French bread w/ purchase of lasagna at Kohlers!
*Sand dunes Scout Camp this weekend.
*Discovered that mowing the lawn every 3 weeks looks just as good as mowing weekly in the fall!
*Convinced Mom to sign me up for the Lego club which means I get an AWESOME magazine in the mail
*Has earned 107 “Rindy bucks” so far since the last time the classroom store was open
*Came home with smarties because it was a classmate’s birthday. Today, another bday, but even better…M&Ms!
*Found 3 Dora books and Knuffle Bunny Too at the Library all in the same trip.
*Fire Station field trip, and they gave out big gold STICKERS.
*(This one happened over 3 months ago but she still reminds us every time we drive by) “I went to Liberty Land on my birthday and I didn’t have to do any chores, I just can play, play, play!”
*Good milk, enough sleep, a clean diaper, and a little company.
*That’s all it takes!