Friday, April 27, 2007

Hi everyone,
I guess since Nanci's blog title thing was "dosomethinghard" I thought I'd try it. Actually I designated tonight as my computer catch up night because John is at scout camp and I had several fun emails to read. Right now I am at 2 1/2 hours worth. So I probably ought not spend forever writing my first "post." Besides, who knows if it will even work and who knows when I will figure out how to access it! I guess I have created a blog so for that I am proud. I resist sometimes to these new age trends. I SELDOM go through the self check-out line, for example. And I prefer going up to the TV to control it rather than using a remote.
But each new skill I learn on the computer is surely beneficial in this day and age. Now if we could take the plunge of upgrading from dial up internet connection maybe the music downloads, video watching when people email them to me, etc. would be tolerable. Right now I avoid them. So don't expect any graphics along with my blogs for quite some time.
Now I can go to bed adding this to my list of little accomplishments for the day. I created a blog!


nanci said...

I am very proud of you Julia. Getting into the blog world should come with a warning, You will now feel guilty when you haven't written a post in awhile, you have the potential for getting lost in other peoples blogs for HOURS! (this has happened to me many times), but it is fun, and one of my main goals was to learn to do new things on the computer, I am glad you are with me and am excited to add you to my blog roll and peek into your life.

Andrea Brown said...

Way to go Julia!!! It looks like I'm not the first to make a comment. I do love keeping up with peoples families through blogs, because I am just terrible about calling to check up on people (I had been meaning to call you for weeks). I hope see new blogs from you soon!!!

Elisa said...

Can't wait to get the Julia/John family updates through your blog! It took blogging to get me to learn some new things on the computer too. I resisted until now. We are the tail end of the generation who learned to type on typewriters!

Jen Cox said...

JULIA! I found your blog! Yea! I got your note and pic of Caroline late last week... thank you so much. There is nothing like opening up the mailbox and seeing real handwritting! LOVE it! Ok, here is the link to my facebook page:
You do have to sign in with a name and password and I have to approve it before you can see my posts, but it's secure and that makes Ryan happy! MISS YOU!!!