Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Desiree, Oh Desirée

Here she is! Tell me you didn't smile and sigh "ohhhh" upon seeing this post :) This was the shot that convinced me to fully splurge on a bigger portrait package when Desi turned 3. Her little nails were painted, her dress pressed, and her hair complete with "curley curls."
If you know the Neil Diamond song written for a gal named Desiree, you'll understand why I have altered the lyrics to fit my pretty, delightful little girl. She excitedly jumps around and dances to the song whenever it is played. Yes, we like Neil. But no, we didn't name both of our girls after songs of his on purpose. By the way, William is feeling jipped- does anyone know a good William song- or Nathan for that matter??
I wish I could activate the character that puts an accent mark above the second to last E in her name. Anyway, here goes- It helps if you can hum the tune in your head while reading.
It was July the 6th
On that Summer's day
When I became a Mom
To a new little girl named Desiree
And she came to me
Just like the morning sun.
With her gentle touch
We were sure she was such an amazing one.
Oh, so much fun!
Desiree, Oh Desiree
In you I've found
Such a beautiful sound.
Oh, your loving song.
Keep singin' it your whole life long.
Remember Desiree, Oh Desiree
Holding you how I knew
That your sweet love would fill
My whole world with light.
In your eyes such a warming sight.
Oh Desiree you make it right.


Heather said...

That picture is beautiful! Who took it?

Joe&Jess said...

é é é its easy julia. all you have to do it hold down the "alt" key and then type 130 and then let go of the "alt" key. try it. its easy. the 130 has to be on the "ten key" side of the keyboard and not the numbers on the top row of the keyboard.

Joe&Jess said...

just hold down the "alt" key and type 130 on the "ten key" pad on the side of the keyboard and then let go of "alt" try it, its easy.

JamieJoe said...

What a little love. That's great that you have a sweet little adaptation to a song for her. I'm not sure of any William or Nathan songs.. I'll have to keep my ears open :) Very cute picture!

Jewel said...

Thanks joe & amp:jess.
I know Joseph told me that once but I had forgotten. Also, I think I had tried it in the past on the upper number keys and it didn't work so I sort of gave up on it. But NOW I KNOW!! I will make sure Desirée grows up knowing too.

Andrea Brown said...

What a cute picture!!!

Leah said...

She's looks goregues!

Nicholas K. and Sarah Maye said...

She is so beautiful! We have our picture on our fridge right now. Love to see it everyday. Great lyrics too. Much better than the original!

kathyurry said...

She looks sweet we only wish they can stay that sweet for ever but then they grow up and become a good mom like you

Cara said...

BEAUTIFUL! I would've totally splurged. She looks so grown up.

Shermilton said...

I love this picture. She is beautiful and I love the new words. Your a great mom.

Debbie said...

That is the cutest picture ever!!!! Worth the splurge if you ask me.