Thursday, October 23, 2008

Reasons to SMILE

*Figured out how to strap Nathan into the bike trailer (thanks Jana), and the weather has allowed me several refreshing mid-morning rides.
*Free ice cream, salad, and French bread w/ purchase of lasagna at Kohlers!
*Sand dunes Scout Camp this weekend.
*Discovered that mowing the lawn every 3 weeks looks just as good as mowing weekly in the fall!
*Convinced Mom to sign me up for the Lego club which means I get an AWESOME magazine in the mail
*Has earned 107 “Rindy bucks” so far since the last time the classroom store was open
*Came home with smarties because it was a classmate’s birthday. Today, another bday, but even better…M&Ms!
*Found 3 Dora books and Knuffle Bunny Too at the Library all in the same trip.
*Fire Station field trip, and they gave out big gold STICKERS.
*(This one happened over 3 months ago but she still reminds us every time we drive by) “I went to Liberty Land on my birthday and I didn’t have to do any chores, I just can play, play, play!”
*Good milk, enough sleep, a clean diaper, and a little company.
*That’s all it takes!


Joe'n'Jess said...

I can't believe how big he has gotten. He looks so much like Des!

Nicholas K. and Sarah Maye said...

That must be the blessing outfit picture you told me about. I would not have been able to turn that downeither. What a cutie!! Thanks for reminding me to be thankful each day for the simple things.

Shermilton said...

That picture is so darling. I noticed the blanket too. Thanks, Jules.

Jessica Jensen said...

Thanks for the update.. Nathan's picture is darling! I love it!

Yaerli said...

that is so cute

Lemon Family said...

He's a cutie!

Leah said...

Life is good!

Katy said...

Love the picture! Very cute, and he smiled too!

I love when things make you happy! It is so great!

Andrea Brown said...

What a cute pic of Nathan.

kimberly said...

this is adorable! i miss you guys

kathyurry said...

I saw your baby a few weeks ago and cant belive how big he is all ready life goes so fast it seems like Christmas was just a month ago and now its hear again. Hope all is well take care

Michael and Kari said...

What a sweet picture! He's adorable!

Cara said...

Those are great Julia. It's good to focus on what makes us smile and not what ticks us off....thanks for the reminder of the good simple things.

Nathan is adorable! Love the picture.