Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas Greetings

Thought I'd post this on the blog for history's sake...

“Do You Hear What I Hear?”
(Whitehead Remake ‘08)

Said the Whiteheads to our friends and fam,
We’re wonderin’ how you be!
We are making holiday plans;
Our house is filled with such glee.

Our son, William, creating day and night,
K’nex and Legos are his delight!
He is learning to Choose The Right.

Says our little Caroline filled with joy,
“Do you know where I go?
To a classroom filled with girls and boys.
We play at recess in the snow.

Bus stop! Bus stop! It’s the place to be.
I am five now. I’m feelin’ free;
And I’ve even learned how to read.”

Says dear Desirée, “Dancin’s my thing.
I put on a sweet show;
Wearing leotard, gloss, pearls, and rings.
While Dad practices piano.”

Our son, Nathan, is beautiful to hold.
Grins and sleeps and does what he’s told!!!!
He is learning now he can roll.

For Mom and Dad not too much news to share;
We work and try to also play.
Pray for those we love everywhere;
That all may cherish every day.

And find the Child born that Christmas night.
He has brought such goodness and light.
May our hearts be filled with his light.

With Love,

The J .& J. Whitehead Family


Bradshaw Family said...

Cute family! Thanks for the invite to your blog! :-)

Yaerli said...

Cute Picture! Thanks For inviting me to your blog!!

Debbie said...

Hey, your family pictures turned out great!

Cara said...

That's a great family picture!

Laura said...

Julia! It's Laura (Pabst) Mills. You have a beautiful family. I hope all is well;)