Monday, March 21, 2011

Can he build it?

41 tough days.

Dinner time P.B. & J.'s

32 tiles laid

Basement #1 in place.

It's time to celebrate!!!

Saturday after his 11 mile scout hike, John took us ice skating. Sunday was a much needed day of rest.

Nate has changed the words of his hero song from Bob the Builder to "John the Builder..." We all know that when it comes to getting projects done... YES HE CAN!

Love you hon.


mom said...

Yes he can, but so can you. 41 days of being mom while he was hammering nails. I see the good children you are raising and it is just as beautiful as one basement done.
mom whitehead

Lemon Family said...

Wow really? One basement done already that's awesome.

Jessica Jensen said...

He's a hard worker that is for sure!

Shermilton said...

Love It!