Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I think I can.

Nine thirty a.m. Day 1. My little buddy and I are together at the sink peeling skins off the perfectly blushed juicy peaches produced by our very own tree. I start patting myself on the back with these thoughts..." Wow. Look at me in my apron. I sure won't need to buy peaches at the case lot sale! I'm living providently! I'm not wasting the abundance given me. I'm even doing this without much coaching now. I'm working hard for the sake of feeding our family. Spinach smoothies, cobbler for company, this is such a good thing. I feel myself turning into a Lehi Pioneer with every batch! (although always a Dino deep down)."
When John and I bought our first home, he didn't hesitate to plant fruit trees in the backyard so as to carry on his family's home production and storage traditions. And while the idea of extensive yearly canning once seemed old fashioned and overwhelming to me, here I am feeling peachy as can be and actually enjoying myself. Ya know what? I think I CAN! -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Five thirty pm. Day 3. The kids are getting hungry. I can't really make dinner because I have no room on the stove and I won't have anywhere to put the dirty dishes because the sinks are occupied.
Six o clock. Chicken nuggets in the microwave. What can I serve with them? A side of peaches? Kids are not so enthused about them after having hauled load after load into the house.
Seven thirty. John is home and we begin our FHE activity, canning PEARS as a family! Up from my aching feet through my sore back and into my pounding brain come these thoughts: "This stickey floor is going to be a bugger to clean. I sure hope none of the kids get wounded by a knife or burned by scalding stove water. Boy it's hard to get around in the kitchen with my helpers', chairs pulled up to the counters everywhere. Did I remember to start the dishwasher again? Do I need to make more syrup? Are these pears getting too mushy?...Is this REALLY cheaper than the case lot sale? Do these really taste that much better? Did the kids ever get their homework done? Is this a good way to spend so much of our time? We'd better eat every last jar of these this winter!... Syrup dripping, kids dawdling, clock ticking, body exhausting... 42 jars filled. At least 14 to go. I think I can...I think I can... I think I can..."


Jessica Jensen said...

I know you can :)

Sarah Sidwell said...

Amen. I canned today and Molly ruined one of dads tapes while I wasn't paying attention. Oops.

Shermilton said...

Fabulous Post! Made me laugh--we've all been there. Love how you captured the event.

mom said...

I have a tree of apples. Ready for more canning?
Grandma Whitehead

Lemon Family said...

Way to go Julia!

Neb said...

I love this blog post. I have also loved canning withmy friend that got ME into canning! I would have never thought I would!