Tuesday, January 17, 2012

"A Whole New World..."

We kicked off our CA trip with a Carne Asada burrito at "Taco Fiesta." I told a friend with whom we reunited in San Diego that seeing John's excitement at their reunion, and our entire mission tour made me feel like he may not even need to go to Disneyland!

Here is the Elder, same street, 13 years later. John drove us up another street called Gayle which was steep enough to make us realize his mission wasn't ALL as easy as sunny days and palm trees.

San Diego Temple. Bright and beautiful. (John with his best companion ever.)
Skyline on a Coronado Island walk.
Trying to re-create the pic of Peggy holding hands with her young kids near the ocean's edge.
My favorite ocean shot. Desi had a blast. She ended up most soaked!
On to the much anticipated LEGOLAND! Here is Nate with one of his idols.
Our kids in front of some great and spacious buildings.
And then the whole new world of Disney! I was already enveloped in the R&R afforded me by not having to tend to daily tasks like laundry and making dinner. I felt very fortunate to be away making memories instead.
The artistry, politeness, and never ending entertainment of Disneyland floated me further into a world of Vacation with a capital V! (as opposed to camping, with a lowercase c. no offense John. ha ha J.K.)
Should I feel guilty about snapping these photos of photos?? Notice Desi's hands, always UP. We learned a little bit about her daredevil side.
3D was everywhere!!! I had no idea that was such a part of the Disney parks. Most memorable for me was feeling a maggot crawl across my backside at the end of the Bugs Life show. John liked the Muppets. My cute and considerate Mother brought along and sported the hot pink hat so she'd be easily spotted in case of misplaced kiddos.
The showmanship was overflowing. So many talented people come together to make up the Disney staff. My kids loved taking part in Phinneus and Ferb's dance party. We also saw Monsters Inc. in the streets. I started totaling the estimated cost of going to the movies/ theater as many times as we did and realized again why Disney tickets are so pricey. Not to mention their power and water bills, etc. etc. etc.
Nate with another of his idols! (We didn't forget about Mater either. Got a fam. pic. w/ him.)

Paradise Pier, aptly named.

Now that we are back braving 18 degree weather and homework galore, my goal is to carry over a little more of that "Zippety Do Dah" feelin into my every day.

Hooray for Disneyland!


Sarah Sidwell said...

Only a few of the pictures showed up on my iPad. I'll try the computer because ift sounds so fun!!

mom said...

Memories are fun. Thanks for the picture at the beach. When you are old like us memories mean even more. In the bussyness of life memories make the journey special. Be thankfuL for homework and laundry too. We need both.
Mom whitehead

Jessica Jensen said...

Horray! I loved the pics I am so gald that you had a great time. I can't wait to go back we too had a blast when we went and I totally felt the same V in vacation!

-Yaerli Hatch said...

That looks soooooooo fun! Thanks for sharing the pics!

Shermilton said...

that is so cool!!!!!! i loved all the pix;)

from trinalee

Sharie said...

Oh I wish you I knew you guys were coming - I would have invited you over for dinner.
When were you here? I took my oldest to CA Adventure last Wed for his birthday - did we just miss you?

Lemon Family said...

So fun! I'm glad you had a great trip!

kimberly said...

Cute pics!!! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! The part about camping vs Vacay was funny. :) Love and miss you!

p.s. you look very skinny (you always do but especially in these pics)

Leah said...

Looks like you had SO much fun!

Neb said...

Love all the pics!!! So much fun for you and your family!

Neb said...

LOVE LOVE Nathan's happy face with Bob the builder!

vallarie said...

So cute!!!