Friday, September 28, 2012

C'Come on Swing It

Even with all the attractions around here in the heart of northern Utah County, one of the favorite past times this summer was a good ol' fashioned ROPE SWING!

Free of charge and a five minute walk away.

 As the summer progressed, the tricks got trickier. William and Caroline both hung upside down, and learned to hoist themselves up to standing position on top of the stick. My camera didn't make it to all our visits. (I had to carry my camp chair and saltines). Nathan too eventually hung and swung, which I don't yet have on camera- but I'm proud of him for how comfortable he's become around WATER!
At Classic Fun Center in July.  Ah, to feel this exuberance about the every day!


Shermilton said...

Very Cool. The best summer entertainment!

Sarah Sidwell said...

That looks so fun!

Jessica Jensen said...

Loved catching up! I love seeing all of the cool pics too.