Thursday, May 16, 2013

Reframe (to be read AFTER May 15th entry)

Time for some Hillary Weeks clicker magic
Move over "natural man."
Here comes my yesterday, in a new light...

1. I can walk, as opposed to when I was pregnant and had to go clear to the swimming pool to get my heart rate up because walking hurt so bad.

2. Have clothes to wear. Could always just wear my stretchy workout capris I got last yr. for my bday I guess. Although fluffier now, I am basically healthy except for my perpetual sugar intake. Also, glad weather is warm enough for capris.

3. Having fam scrip. study. A good habit. In fact, we finished the BOM last month after like four years reading ten verses a day.

4. Washing machine. Better than washboard.

   *Preschool slide show put together by John was ADORABLE. He put several hours into it, as he has
     for the past few years each May. He is my tech guy.

5. I love my girls' hair. I will style it as long as they will let me. It is beautiful.

6. Deposits are the best kind of bank business.

7. Let's not bring up the capris again.

8. Love my suburban. So glad I have a comfortable, reliable way to transport all of us.

9. Thankful I don't have to hold down a job, so I can pop in to field trips and do other volunteer work at the kids' school on occasion.

10. The mana from heaven. That was already a positive.

11. Glad I can do basic sewing, mending. You know how I feel about mending.  (insert link to "A Common Thread" article)

12. Peggy bought John a nice suit. Nice enough to need dry cleaning. And he looks handsome in it.

13. Our neighborhood. The best. Friends everywhere.

14. Mom's Day was more than I deserve. John re-did the front flower beds. He did mucho dishes and other housework on Sunday, made sure I got a nap. At church I got FOUR packs of herseys kisses- one from each of my Primary aged children. They said that was surely reason enough to share with them, since I got about the most caney of any Mom in the whole ward!

15. I LOVE my baby boy and our cuddle time. Obviously I love nursing (at home, that is) a little too much. Okay, let's also not bring up the lack of bottles again.

16. My kids are READERS! And we all know about my library love affair. Still my oasis!

17. Food to eat. Kids getting better at veggies.

18. Nothing positive about Koalas. Sorry guys, you entered my life on bad timing. Oh, wait- this morning Desi was up at 6:30 so we had a much more positive study session and are done with the reasearch portion of the report. Today we go to the copy shop and finish the visual aids. That is my positive thing about Koalas.

19. Piano. Neat to hear developing talents. Especially when the song is mastered. Maybe not so much the process, but what an analogy for life THAT is!

20. Free Papa Murphys Pizza coupon from when John went to Jazz game!

21. Safe school. Amazing teachers.

22. I guess I'm thankful for that student who left their hoodie on the hallway floor.

23. My new tracfone with texting capabilities! And a contact list full of friends and family.

24. So glad Caroline had the confidence to sign up for the tapping part. She wore my old clogging shoes. Her only exposure has been last year when I held weekly lessons and taught my kids a routine for the family talent show. Pat on the back for that.

25. The van. Our second family sized vehicle. Usually when John goes on scout camps he takes the time to clean out all of his tools and install a few more seats for us. Very considerate of him to do that extra work.  Tonight was just a short ride, and he was stretched thin as was I.

26. Active scout troop Will's age. You know we are scout CRAZY over here. (I am the new cub committee chairman, to add to it all.)

27. Always thankful for prayer. Direct help line.

There. Now I have "counted my many blessings"...surprise me.


Sarah Sidwell said...

I'm glad you can find the good in a crazy day like that!! You truly amaze me Jules!!

Katy said...

There are so many things for us to be grateful for! I try to remember when my capris are fitting tight ~ they aren't even close to what they used to be ~ and then run my butt off to get them feeling loose again! Chasing kids and going all over burns calories too. You should also remember, 5 beautiful babies have come from that little fluffier belly and those are the scars we wear with pride! You text with your phone? Send me your number and we can text daily! I feel amiss without my childhood bestie!

Shermilton said...

You always find the good. It's okay to be crazy sometimes too!! No guilt! You made it through that day!!! You did it!! Your amazing!