Monday, July 30, 2007

100 things about me

Writing this list was a challenge given by Nanci. Here I go...
1. I am easy to get along with. I have always been a peace maker.
2. I would rather support than lead in most cases.
3. I generally think things over for a long time before making decisions.
4. I entitled my previous blog "balancing act" because that's what I feel my life is.
5. I know I married the right person.
6. I am proud of our children.
7. I am a Jazz fan.
8. I write poetry from time to time. (Expect to see some here on my page!!)
9. I love long hot showers.1
0. I am an emotional eater. I try to keep it in check.
11. I write EVERYTHING down. I rely on "the pen."
12. I still smile and sing along to New Kids on the Block. John recently put their first album on my mp3 player to take running.
13. I can tear it up on the dance floor although I don't go enough any more.
14. I have DIAL-UP internet connection. This doesn't help blogging or anything else online go too smooth and quick.
15. I can sing along with lots of Motown music. I like it!
16. I LOVE cereal- all kinds. (Esp. wheat chex)
17. I have 7 or 8 years of clogging experience. Someday I want to learn to riverdance!
18. I read to my kids every day.
19. The library is one of my favorite places. Maybe I will work there someday (as the storytime lady :)
20. I water ski. I can get up on one, but don't enjoy it as much as 2.
21. I eat toast and chocolate milk in a weird, cerimonious way.
22. I love aerobics, esp. step, turbojam or any kickboxing, or boot camp style
23. I was big into spirit week all through school- should have been pep club pres.
24. I am a "wanna be" FLY LADY.
25. I don't do much yard work except deadheading flowers or mowing when John is busy.
26. I have a husband who gardens, and I support and help (mostly picking and canning)
27. My style of board games...those involving TALKING (Tabu, MadGAb, Catch Phrase)
28, I don't have as much fun with Monopoly or Chess or even complicated card games.
29. I like salsa with my eggs. When I was young it was just ketchup.
30. I LOVE early morning walks/ jogs/ bike rides when I'm well rested.
31. I am not too into shopping.
32. I AM into hand-me-downs.
33. I DO hit grocery sales. (Grocery shopping I of course DO)
34. Pet peeve- when my kids move my rug by the kitchen sink so they can scoot a chair up to the microwave.
35. Pet peeve- people leaving cds, movies, tapes out, or putting them in the wrong case because that it what is available
36. pet peeve- (I'm on a roll now) When someone uses my "table/counter" cloth to wipe a face or the floor and then doesn't put it straight in the laundry room.
37. I don't drive fast. I am driving more and more like my mother.
38. I don't have caller ID or call waiting. I don't really want either.
39. I can still do a back flip on a trapmoline! (have done it after each baby, just to make sure)
40. My theme song could be "I'm An Emotional Girl!"
41. One of my favorite hymns, "How Gentle God's Commands"
42. My religion is a huge part of my life.
43. Yo hablo Espanol.
44. I don't have my ears pierced. (This is always what I use on "Ten Fingers")
45. I have never had braces.
46. I am an emeritis (sp) member of "State of the Heart"- if you haven't heard of this singing group, I am saddened.
47. I enjoy reading. I am now a member of my 3rd book club. (one at a time, over the years)
48. I like to wear blue.
49. My wedding colors were dusty blue, pink, and green.
50. I have one blue wall and one slightly green wall in my home.Other than that it's "botany beige."
51. I love the movie "Willy Wonka" (THE OLD ONE)
52. I'm not into pets. I have had a guinea pig, a baby duck and fish that have been ok.
53. I have been on 2 cruises!! Lucky me! (I mean it)
54. I like seafood now. Whether my dad believes me or not.
55. I had low iron last time I tried to give blood.
56. I have pretty easy pregnancies, compared to other poor people who go through so much!
57. One of my most prized and used possessions is my double stroller. I think I have used it 95 percent of the days I have owned it.
58. My other possession I love is the California King size bed. I appreciate sleep more and more as I get older.
59. I am a public park junkie. My kids and I park hop for fun.
60. I can sew.
61. I wish I played the piano MUCH better than I do.
62. Watching American Idol is SO FUN for me. I miss it!
63. I don't really watch any other shows.
64. I just subscribed to the weekend Deseret News. I know my dad is proud.
65. I want to learn more about Family History, and do more.
66. I have loved Relief Society Enrichment ever since the first time I attended back at CEU. I strongly promote it!!
67. I attend a bimonthly playgroup with my kids.
68. I have felt very good about the time I have spend organizing rotating home preschools for my kids the past few years. Here we go again!
69. I LOVE my kids!
70. This list is getting harder than I thought.
71. I make sure my bathroom trash cans are always lined with a grocery sack.
72. I have had a drastic haircut twice in my life. Both times I donated my hair to Locks of Love.
73. If John and I had a million dollars we had to spend we would take a trip to Florida with my whole side of the family (my dad's mission) and take a trip to Sweden with John's side (his dad's mission)
74. I think my kid's PBS show is over so I may not be able to finish this now.
75. Lucked out, Will wants to watch "Maya and Miguel"
76. I love bilingual shows like that and DORA!!!
77. I love my siblings and wish we got together more. I am proud of all of them.
78. I enjoy cooking.
79. I try to eat healthy(brown rice, leafy greens, etc.), but I love desserts too.
80. I could finish this whole thing by listing foods I love.
81. My Mom's family is from Denver so I have been there many times.
82. I worked as a dishwasher at the CEU cafeteria.
83. I also scorekept at basketball camps AND kept stats for actual CEU mens games!!!
84. I have great memories of the SUN center and Lambda Delt.
85. I have a BIG pile of laundry I should be folding right now.
86. I have a son who is good at memorizing things.
87. I have a daughter who loves to get wet! She is swimming now.
88. My second daughter is a cuddler.
89. I am so grateful that I don't have to work outside the home.
90. I am going to the morning movie tomorrow with my kids. "Curious George"
91. I admire the vocal talents of Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, and Mariah Carey.
92. I have been to Celine's concert!
93. I once surprised John by saving my babysitting money to take him to "Simon and Garfunkel"
94. I love the family I married into.
95. I wanted to be a journalist before I decided to major in Elementary Education.
I RESPECT teachers. It is a hard job.
96. Sometimes I have to be reminded to "Be of good cheer."
97. Other people bring me much joy. I believe no man is an island.
98. I try to stay focused on my eternal goals and live in a way that brings me closer to them.
99. I don't want to die with my "music" still in me.
100. I have now gotten something besides housework "done" today!


Andrea Brown said...

That was fun to read. I'm glad you did it. Basketball camp and score keeping - one of my fondest memories.

Cara said...

I am impressed....I'll have to make my own 100 things about me.