Wednesday, September 26, 2007

poems about home making (written '04-'05)

Speaking of Motherhood
by Julia M.L. Whitehead- Feb. 2004

Voices in the morning
Freshly welcome day
Calling “Guys, where are you?”
“What game should we play?”

I’m rested and I’m ready,
My little ones to guide
Motherhood’s a sacred role
That I embrace with pride.

Exercise and breakfast done
But still a house to clean;
Turn on a movie, sweep and scrub,
Change diapers in between.

Caroline won’t fall asleep;
Been trying for an hour.
Will’s had seven accidents;
And I still haven’t showered.

Before I know it noon is here
And Dad is home to eat.
The crying and the mess tell him
These kids have got me beat.

Our voices not so fresh by now;
“Clean it up!” says me.
“I need a nap,” is Will’s reply.
I hastily agree.

His binkie and his blanket close
I kiss his smooth forehead;
Still proud to be a mother
But I want my kids in bed!

Retiring to the couch to nurse
A calmness fills the air.
I close my eyes and in my mind
Another voice is there.

Be patient as you mold these souls
And never cease to see;
Your children are a tender gift
Sent to you by me.

by Julia M.L. Whitehead
May 8, 2005

Unflushed toilets, snotty noses, finger printed door.
Rice and crumbled honey smacks upon my tile floor.

Pockets full of sandbox sand, pants with dirty stains.
Playroom filled with happy meal toys and pieces of the train.

Bleach, windex and rags in hand, I scrub & sweep & mop.
It seems the mess begins again before I’ve even stopped!

I heave a load of laundry out and start another one.
And wonder why I’m doing work that soon will be UNdone.

Then William says, “It’s laundry time and I’m in charge of bibs!”
I realize that my work will last in the character of my kids.

John compliments my vacuumed floors and devours some homemade treats.
I don’t mind that “order” in our home is largely up to me.

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Andrea Brown said...

Nice work. It's good that you can have a positive outlook on motherhood. Maybe it's nice to remind yourself as well.