Sunday, October 21, 2007

Childhood Energy

Here is what our children have been up to so far this October.

The theme for Reflections this year is "I Can Make A difference by..." Will's answer was "picking up litter, so he made his project out of garbage!! In his right hand is part of the original project, which little sister Desiree took scissors to. In his other hand is the ressurrected finished product.
Little Sister Desi does it again...She's TWO, by the way. This past Sunday it was Mom's make-up that she got into. We love you Desi :)
Let it snow!! That is what Caroline was singing this morning when she looked out the window. She dressed HERSELF in boots and gloves and went outside. Dad told her the snow was too hard to pack, but she didn't give up. She actually spent about an hour making her own snowman!! When we got home from church, it was wrecked, so Mom braved the cold (it feels cold now, just wait huh) and helped her build "Snowy" back up again.


Jesse and Leah said...

I'm impressed with that snowman! It really did snow a lot didn't it?

Cara said...

Little Desi is not so little anymore. How can you be upset at that face?? Way to go Will...very creative!

My kids also woke up and immediately put on snow boots, hats and coats, only to be told NO, it's to cold (I am NOT an outside person when it's cold!) and we have to get ready for church so we can actually be on time today...good news, we's been a while!

It was really pretty from my warm kitchen while I sipped hot chocolate...good job Caroline (& Julia)! Snowy was super studly!

Andrea Brown said...

Gotta love the little sister. Emma is notorious for destroying Ashton's projects.

I guess there is another plus to not having make-up, Emma can't get into it (instead she gets into my necklaces, and my chap stick).

That's cook that you had enough snow to make a snowman. Ashton snuck out into the snow, but we called him back and didn't let the kids play in it.