Thursday, February 7, 2008

Thank You Saint Valentine

Valentines Day makes me happy. All of the hearts and treats and love spread around are a fun splash of warmth during the cold month of February. I just can't wait any longer to post my favorite Valentine Poem!! I admire this author, P.K. Hallinan, who generally publishes HIS (sorry P.K.) poetry into Childrens' Books with very cute illustrations. Most of them are about values or family. Worth reading!

By P.K. Hallinan

How many heartprints will you leave today?
Will you share with a friend? Will you give hugs away?
Will you listen with patience to what others say?
How many heartprints will you leave today?
A heartprint is formed when you do something kind.
Your love touches others…Leaving heartprints behind!

You can smile at people you pass on the street.
You can offer a handshake to someone you meet.
You can even pitch in for an hour or two
To help out a friend with too much to do.

Sometimes you’ll reach out to someone in strife
And do something thoughtful that changes a life.
Or sometimes you may say the quietest thing
And never quite know how you made a heart sing.

Yes, each little kindness leaves heartprints that say,
“A very nice person has been here today!”
So…will you cheer up a playmate in need of a smile?
Will you tend to a friend who’s been mending a while?

This much is certain, whatever we do,
The heartprints we give out make us happy too!
So offer your friendship to each girl and boy.
Then join in the music, the singing, the joy!
You can brighten the world as you go on your way…
How many heartprints will you leave today?

Here are the pics that are going on Valentine Cards for Grandparents this year:




Andrea Brown said...

Loved the poem. It brightened my day.

P.K. said...

I love the poem, too. It's from my book, Heartprints, published by Ideals Childrens Books in Nashville. And I am a guy.
Blessings, Jewel.
P.K. Hallinan

Cara said...

Great poem! Adorable pictures!

Our Family said...

That is so cool that the author commented. Way to go Julia!! -Sarah