Tuesday, March 11, 2008

American IDLE?

I am posting 2 days in a row and it is because Brooke White just made my list of most memorable American Idol performances :) Yes, I like her because she has never seen an R rated movie, but she also is a smooth alto (woo hoo) and just so sweet, especially tonight. I was tearing up right along with her. As for the rest of my list...
- Taylor Hicks- PLAY THAT FUNKY MUSIC!!! I was OFF THE COUCH dancing!!!!!
- Melinda Dolittle- W, O, M, A, N- When we got high speed internet and my sister introduced me
to You Tube, this music video was my first request. Talk about empowering :) And her skills
were consistently unbelievable.
- Blake Lewis- You Give Love A Bad Name- very creative- and yes, I do have a
PERSONALIZED (to Julia), autographed 8x10 of Blake, thanks to Vall
- Katherine McPhee- Somewhere Over the Rainbow- A favorite of my Dad's, it reminded me of
when he used to sing it to us. Too bad Kat went a little scary.
- Chris Daughtry- Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman? - very sincerely sung to his wife
- Carrie Underwood- Although I think she is a DOLL, she never really captivated me during the show, but I was smiling when she did "I'll Stand By You" in Africa.

Which brings me to reasons I can't deny I am a fan of this show. "Idol Gives Back" is one of them. Obviously it raised tremendous amounts of money for charity. Other than that I think I just like to watch and wish that I had powerhouse soloist vocals. I like that a regular Joe (like Elliot) can make it big. I don't think it has anything to do with the fact that I knew all the lyrics to Paula's songs in her day, and we still work out together (right Amber W?!) although that is true. It is a good conversation topic because it is so widely viewed. And it has been a tool to help my mind relax over the past few years. Nothing but fun. Sometimes I try to do things like vacuum, bathe the kids, etc. on the commercials so I don't feel so much like I'm watching Alisa's spelling: "American Idle," especially on the 2 hour nights. But other nights I put my feet up (Doctor's orders) and let myself be entertained. I like when it is down to 6 or less and it is just one night a week for an hour. I don't usually watch results except like the very last one. So now I must go vote for the first time this year. I don't want to see Brookie go. And I do of course have to support cute David A. Go Utah!
P.S. How do I make the lines single space on my other post???


Cara said...

Tonight is the first American Idol I've seen since the tryouts. That Brooke totally has my vote. She's incredible. I really liked her in her tryout when Simon told her that nobody is that pure and innocent, and he'd break her, and she's like, give it your best shot....or something along those lines.

Anyways, lots of great performances tonight. Very entertaining. And I admit, I did dance and sing along while washing the dishes.

Andrea Brown said...

We are just not big TV watchers right now, but Mike totally hates the show. I watch on occasion.

Glad you found something you like!

steveandlaura said...

I'm an Idol fan too! I like how you put "idle" because I feel lazy when watching the two hour shows also. I like Brooke but I'm still not sure who I love love.

Debbie said...

We LOVE American Idol over here. Never miss a week. Brooke and David A. are my favorites right now.

vallarie said...

Only for you Julia!