Monday, March 10, 2008

Mushy Stuff

A post in celebration of our 8 year anniversary (today)...

To Jessica and Bart Jensen

By John Alden and Julia Whitehead

Written May 2, 2002 (after 2 yrs. of marriage)

Italics signify John speaking

In our years of marriage, we've learned a thing or two.

So tonight at your reception, we share these words with you.

No degree or title qualifies us to do so.

But even with our differences, romance is still aglow.

Like ebony and ivory, or pale white and bright red,

Our differences don't clash, they're complimentary instead.

"My Mom makes the best white bread." "But I prefer the wheat."

"So now that's what she usually buys," "Which makes white bread a treat!"

"I panic when he tailgates cars. He says he's saving time."

"I'm just being assertive. I assure her she'll be fine."

"When we exercise together, we go at different speeds."

"I think my pace is nice but he's 4 blocks in the lead."

"So now HE gets the baby when we jog or bike together."

"But tennis, lifting weights, or shooting hoops is even better."

"When I listen to music, I like to feel the beat!"

"I always turn it down so we can hear each other speak!"

"When he's by himself, he cranks it up, I'm sure."

"But when she's in the car all I listen to is HER!"

"She dreams of traveling to Spain or back to Mexico."

"Good thing I ski cuz Powell's about the only place he'll go."

"We're different in so many ways." "But share the same last name!"

We're both aiming for forever, and that's always the SAME.

Written to each other Sept. 25, 1999... (looking through rose colored glasses :)

"52 Reasons Why I love you (and counting)" by John Alden Whitehead

-Enjoys kids

- Looks on the bright side of things

- Doesn't judge

- We work out together

- Go biking together

-She goes fishing with me

- Wears her dress on Sunday

- Pays attention to peoples' needs

- Is a friend to those who need a friend

- Loves her family

- Helps her family to have FHE

- Smart, good common sense

- Never gets mad

- Puts up with me being an airhead

- Easy to talk to

- Friends with everyone

- Keeps the commandments

- Reads her scriptures

- We can talk about a lot of things (church, school, personal things)

- Open about her feelings

- Picks up cans and trash

- Doesn't tell me my ideas are stupid (except when I want to throw a rock at butterflies)

- She bares her testimony

- She's not an RG(rich girl) She can shop at DI

- Appreciates things people do for her

- She always laughs at her own jokes before she tells them

- She cries when I leave

- Hard worker

- Very huggable, kissable

- We enjoy sharing things (gummy life savers, mints, etc.)

- Makes good decisions, even if it's not always what she wants.

- She's beautiful

- Enjoys just being together

- Good self control

- Great singer

- Great dancer

- Patient with my dancing

-She likes the outdoors

-Comes skiing with me

-Cheers me up when I'm down

- Warms me up when I'm cold

- Sits close to me in the Buick

- Holds on tight on the motorbike

- Courage to stand up for the right

- Magnify your calling

- Enjoy nature

- Get along with my family

- Great cook

- Creative, writes poems, scrapbooks

-Loves holding my hand

- Perfect combination of being dependent and independent

"Things I Love about John Alden Whitehead by JML."

- He calls

-He works HARD

- He brings things up which need to be discussed

- He shops at DI

- He is inquisitive, doesn't feel dumb asking questions

- He prioritizes Home Teaching and his calling

- He treats his sisters nice

- He obeys his mother

- He is a builder

- He wrote me faithfully for 2 whole years!

- He never pushed me to do anything while we were dating

- He was kinda shy (admitted he got nervous calling)

- He is sporty (b-ball, ice hockey, water skiing, golf, weight lifting)

- He appreciates good music (country, gospel)& movies (clean ones)

- He can sing!

- He is studious of secular and spiritual books

- He makes conversation with strangers

- He is a safe driver

- He can fix bikes, tape players, etc.

- He likes to take KOOL pictures

- He remembers funny things and refers back to them

- He is always sincere

- He knows about loving people- how important it is in anything

- He attends the temple and shares his feelings with me

- He is clean cut and has a healthy physique

- He's not afraid to get dirty

- His teeth are straight, his eyes are brown, and his hair is soft

- He respects authority and his elders

- He knows about his ancestors

- He likes to study about other men of God

- He's a church history lover/ expert

- He's theatrical- does the best imitations (George McFly, Screech, Barney, Burt...)

- He likes my cooking, or will learn to

- He cares about my life, prays for me

- His future hopes and dreams match mine

- He is pure in heart

- He's what my Young Womens leaders described and emphasized and promised I would get if I kept myself temple worthy- my perfect- tall, dark and handsome R.M. And whether I deserve him or not, he's mine forever.


The Whitehead Family said...

I remember these! Thanks for sharing them again. I hope that you are having a great anniversary. I have been thinking about you today! Love you guys!

Andrea Brown said...

Very nice. Love the rhyming poem at the beginning.

Jen said...

You guys are too cute. Congrats on EIGHT YEARS!! And EIGHT YEARS? Man... we are all getting old!!!! And... John wants to throw rocks at butterflies? Huh??

Lemon Family said...

So sweet. Congratulations!

Howling Pickup said...

That post was so cute! I am happy to see that there is still so much romance after 8 years. Congrats!

Cara said...

Congrats. I love the poems.

wendipooh13 said...

Congrats!!! soo exciting, 8 years is a long time and great accomplishment!!! soo sweet

Debbie said...

Congrats on another year! How romantic you two are, I love it!