Thursday, August 5, 2010

I pledge...

My head to clearer thinking.
My heart to greater loyalty.
My hands to larger service.
and My health to better living.
For my club, My Community, My Country, and My world.
(4-H Pledge)

And the summer "Happy Helpers" 4-H Club was a success!

-List of projects for our " Happy Science Afternoon."

A skewer through a balloon. WOW!

After each experiment, a chosen participant wore the "wonder why" sign while explaining how it all worked. The other happy scientists listened up while enjoying their W&W candies.

We've got "spear-it!" Pencils through bags of water, and no leaks- until the water fight afterwards.

Homemade ice cream, the perfect summer dessert.

And now...

The best thing we did as a club was took our show on the road to perform for an elderly neighbor. Then it was time to raise some funds at our neighborhood matinee. We received a good luck balloon boquet the day of our "big" show. (Thanks fam)
The knight is kissing the dragons good night. His princess is at the left in her cardboard castle.

This turned out to be a great new use for the swing set. Our last 4-H activity was a swim party, and now, it's on to the county fair!


Lemon Family said...

How fun Julia. Sorry we weren't in town to support the puppet show.

kimberly said...

you're so awesome juls. looks way fun!
hope youre feeling better. also, you said you posted a blog about breaking your arm, but i don't see it. just wondering thats all. love you lots!

mom said...

Great Job Julia and kids. 4-H has changed from cooking and sewing. I think Caroline might enjoy the cooking one, but I don't know if I could handle more than one girl in my kitchen. You were great to help with 4-H. It really did look fun.
Mom Whitehead

Neb said...

So Sorry I missed the fun but it looks like you all hada great time!!!