Friday, August 13, 2010

Summer of Change

June 25, 2010

August 1, 2010

That's what happens when a game of kick-the-can gets too intense. My "first aid certified-super scouty" husband made the sling for me out of a tablecloth embriodered on by my Grandma Young. The instacare doc. called it cute.
I don't think I've missed 13 days worth of sweaty exercise since like age 15- even before/after having given birth. Okay- so maybe the serious sweat was more like 4-6 weeks after labor. Had to try & follow Dr.'s recc. This just feels like a long and major lifestyle change. Much more time online, and much less on the road. I can no longer bike. I can no longer swim, I can't even really run either. Obviously no aerobics :( I can't even drive myself to the Legacy Center to get on the stationary bikes with back rests. So what's a girl to do for her broken down 32 year old body...?
I've decided to enjoy the extra Zzz's, and dramatically increase my daily dose of bone- building CALCIUM!!

P.S. Please go straight to my fractured radial head, and not to my hips!


Leah said...

Love you hair!

Neb said...

You are so funny I can not BELIEVE you cut your hair! HOLY COW!
I am with you on the ice cream my prayers are with you and your hips! :0)
We had a great time for the tri -- next year will be even better!
lots of loves!

Lemon Family said...

Good luck making it through this. You look great.

kimberly said...

cute. enjoy it while it lasts:)