Thursday, January 10, 2008


It is always funny how your tastes change a little during pregnancy. This time around (during my first trimester):
I gagged at the thought of eating lettuce for several weeks.
I guess I made up for it by having brussel sprouts at least 3 times a week.
I ate oatmeal EVERY morning.
Lots of turkey sandwiches.
I wanted them on white bread. (not normal for me)
Quesedillas were ok on flour tortillas.
I bought grapefruit several times. That's something my grandma and mom eat.
I HAD to buy a can of Chef Boyardee ravioli one day for lunch. I've had it once since but it wasn't as good as that day.
Of course, sprite and saltines all afternoon and evening - tortilla chips too- or microwave popcorn. I see a sodium pattern here.
Now everything tastes good, all day every day. I want chocolate and candy. Can't really blame that on the pregnancy, though because it never changes, and I'm sure never will!


Leah said...

Aren't cravings interesing? I never knew what I wanted and with each kids it changed!

Jen said...

I totally remember being there. The month of August was full of cravings and then thank goodness it went away. It was usually things that I saw on tv commericals that sounded good and then had to have it.

Cara said... the looks of those latest craving I'm going to have to vote on you having a girl. If you were craving steak and potatoes, I'm might go boy. Yep, I'm thinking girl. You have to follow the trend of 1 boy, 3 girls.

Whitehead Family said...

Sounds like your normal! Thanks for sharing :) Its so fun to read your blog.