Monday, January 14, 2008

VAMPIRE love stories by Stephenie Meyer

I fully experienced catharsis with these books which impressed and entertained me. What a talented author.
Several times during the books I had to stop and nod, cry, or just re-read a certain line or passage because it was worded so well. Because I don't have the 3 books in front of me, I can't quote perfectly, but I will refer to those parts which struck (or should I say pierced/ punctured) me.


The way she described the physical pain of seperation in the first book was so easy to sympathize with. The hole in her heart was really there, and it ached around the edges. At one point, speaking of her time with Edward, she said something to the effect of being SCARED TO REMEMBER (because it hurt) but TERRIFIED TO FORGET (because the memories were a true dream world that she loved).

I loved the analogy of Bella comparing herself to an old fixer upper house. She knew she was broken down. Very broken down. She opened the door for Jacob and he could find a place to sit in the front room but the rest of the home needed way to much repair to even venture there.

New Moon-- in Italy-- I was disappointed with the inital reunion in the alley way. It took forever for them to finally meet again (although I did enjoy reading about Jacob and getting to know him as Bella's FRIEND). After speaking with the Volturi, Edward and Bella do a little more of a mushy reunite- which was what I was waiting for. She is in his arms when they are still underground in this eerie place and she thinks it is "heaven, right smack in the middle of hell." I thought that was accurate and clever.

New Moon--p. 495-- Bella talks more about her broken down state... "How many ways can one heart be mangled and still be expected to keep beating? I'd lived through a lot that should have finished me in the last few days, but it didn't make me feel strong. Instead I felt horibly fragile, like one word could shatter me. p. 495---I was thinking--Edward, you'd better not shatter her!!!
Then Edward doesn't disappoint. (You can tell this next part that I LOVE was written by a girl) It is on p. 514 of "New Moon" and I think maybe the most romantic passage in the whole series. It begins... "Before you, Bella, my life was like a moonless night... "

Eclipse- This is a heart wrenching, splitting book. I was crying crocidile tears for the whole last half pretty much (besides the planning about the Seattle battle and the action scenes which were not my favorite)
p. 529- Just after Jacob's second kiss to Bella (the way he says the first should have been) Bella says "And then, quite distinctly, I felt the splintering along the fissure line in my heart as the smaller part wrenched itself away from the whole." I was dying. Then I felt even worse when she said a few pages later that she didn't feel any anger at Jacob for maybe trying to trick her into it..."There wasn't enough room in my body to contain anything besides the hatred I felt for myself."
I guess that's how 2 timing or being unfaithful could feel to people. But I felt so bad for Bella.

Then she talks about Jacob after he was physically injured..."Huge as he was, he looked very breakable. Maybe that had just been my imagination, coupled with the knowledge that I was going to have to break him."
Then sweet Jacob tells her (refering to the Bible story ) "I'm not going to cut you in half anymore, Bella."
This must be the passage that convinces some to favor Jacob to Edward. Very nicely put by him.
I agree with Jacob when he says that Edward is like Bella's drug, and Jacob would have been her sunlight and air. That seems to really describe the 2 relationships...Not an all bad or harmful drug, though.

So Kudos to Miss Meyer. I looked on her website and saw covers of Twilight in about 12 different languages. Talk about profit! I hope she is sipping a lemonade right now pondering about what she will write next.

I had heard about these books at the gym, in others homes, on my family blog, from my mother-in-law's beauty shop customers, .... and wasn't sure if I wanted to take the 2,000 page plunge. But being in on a dinner conversation between two friends from high school where they disagreed on Jacob vs. Edward finally peaked my curiosity enough. I was surprised to find that Bella was a high schooler because most of the fans I knew of were my age, but it was a fun leap back in time to the days of first falling in love. My own heart was skipping beats every time Edward came around! It is surely true that Stephenie too loves the characters she (literally) dreamt up. I must admit later on there were a few physical lovey dovey scenes that crept outside my comfort zone. But the author was surely tasteful and respectful of her audiences.

For now I am back to my practical and spiritual reading which I enjoy as well but the journey through the forests of Forks was fun fun fun.

P.S. Please share comments if you have read these. I miss my book clubs :(


Lemon Family said...

I cried at the end of Eclipse too. I think they are fun books, sometimes a bit cheesy, but lots of fun to read. We can talk in person, 'cause I feel silly writing all my thoughts out. Glad you liked them. The next one is supposed to come out in spring I think.

Cara said...

It can't come soon enough!!! I am going to have to re-read them shortly before then since I read the others so quickly and so long ago, I've forgotten a lot. Thanks for your blog entry Julia! It brought back some great memories. One of the reasons I loved these books is because I was 17 again....not almost 30 with 4 kids and a minivan!!!!!

Whitehead Family said...

I was able to relive my days reading the series. I loved just being taken away for a while. It is a classic that I would like to have a copy of my own. Glas you finally finished it. You never said your true opinion...Edward or Jacob? -Sarah

Andrea Brown said...

I'm glad you liked it after we talked you into it.

Jewel said...

I believe I am a bit too much like Bella in the indecisive category. Because this is not reality, I have allowed myself to be swept away by Edward's charm. Do I doubt that, with time on his side, Jacob could care for Bella beautifully and their love could grow into enough to exist without constant thoughts of that so powerful past relationship? No, I don't doubt that it could be that way. Happens all of the time.

Debbie said...

I absolutely love these books! My cute husband bought them for me for Christmas. The thing that is so captivating to me about Edward is his self control...a true gentleman.

Whitehead Family said...

I chose Jacob. The only time I felt emotion reading was their kiss in the woods, before he left to fight. I finished the books a few moments ago and am left wanting. I can't get past the mysticism of Bella/Edwards realtionship. It wasn't a bit real to me. When he left, I thought..oh well now let's get to the real romance. The raw passion. Love at its basic, purest form--without any vampire magic to confuse feelings. Edward is too old for Bella. I kept feeling like he patronized her--there were so many things he knew that she didn't---he always had to comfort and protect her. I don't know that he would have fallin in love with her except that she smells good to him. He rarely gives any admiration for other things about her. He often regurgitates her weaknesses. It just never felt real to me.
Jacob fell in love with Bella. The real Bella. The smart mouthed, take care of everyone, Bella. Even thought he too can't hear her thoughts, he knows her emotions. He tells her what is going on--treats her like an equal, not someone he has to coddle.
I am hoping for a reunion in the next book--or at least for Bella to really explore this choice she wants to make. Really explore this gentleman's offer.
I sound like an Edward hater. Not so...he is a good vampire, a good soul, I love that he has kept her virtue and wants to marry. I like that he wants her happiness and seems to love her as much as a vampire can, but that tie just doesn't seem as strong as bonded human hearts can be.

Do you sill love your sister-in-law? Sherstin