Friday, January 4, 2008

Update (a little late :)

Hello and Happy Winter! Dec. 2007

We love hearing from friends and family around the holidays. We hope this letter finds you full of the Christmas sprit! If you need some, our kids have plenty to share. Ever since we put up the tree Caroline has been hiding random gifts under it for various family members. William has completed several seasonal drawings and DesirĂ©e has smiled with excitement anytime a song on the radio contains the words “Santa”, or “Christmas.”

We have all learned from our experiences in the year 2007.
*We learned from Will’s hospitalization with Kawasaki disease how precious life and health are. *We also learned to appreciate knowledgeable, caring medical professionals- and supportive

family and friends.
*We learned from our springtime cruise how refreshing a getaway can be! (Thanks to all who
helped make it possible for us to go!)
*Caroline has learned how to write most of her letters, a skill useful in addressing invitations for
her fun “Dora” birthday party.
*We learned that Lagoon is still “what fun is” even though the line for Wicked was way too long.
*Desi learned how to use momentum to get the 2 person swing in our backyard going WAY to
high for a toddler.
*We learned about several new geocaching spots in Cache Valley and near Potter’s Pond.
*John learned how to avoid being eaten by a bear, and how to safely raft the Snake River with a
group of rowdy scouts.
*Julia has learned how beautiful it is to witness people helping their neighbors as she has
served in Relief Society.
*We learned how good fruit tastes out of your own backyard!
*William learned his lines for the musical production he took part in this summer.
*The girls have learned new moves from Caroline’s dance class, and made up some of their own.

We have learned that a warm home, a steady income, and having each other close are blessings we should count every day.

We appreciate having this season to focus on learning more about the birth of our Savior. May His Spirit dwell in the hearts of all of His children now and through the coming year.

The Whitehead Family
John Alden , Julia, William, Caroline, Desirée


Cara said...

You are so inspirational Julia! Such a cute picture of you guys.

Jen said...

So cute Julia. Everyone looks so big! I can't believe how fast that happens. :)

Andrea Brown said...

I know where that picture was taken - in PG, right?

Leah said...

What a great picture of your family! Desi does have skills getting your swing up high!

Lemon Family said...

What a sweet letter and cute picture.